Supercar worth 30 million drives through flood

Supercar worth 30 million drives through flood

The normally very dry United Arab Emirates has recently had to endure record amounts of rain, which has led to several deaths and major floods.

Driving through a flood in a low car is not recommended, as everything from the engine to the electrical system and the interior can be damaged.

However, that didn’t stop the owner of a Pagani Utopia from recently driving through a flood in Dubai.

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Worth SEK 30 million

In a Youtube video by Automotive Affairs Shorts, we can see the driver hesitate before driving his V12-equipped supercar, with a few centimeters of ground clearance, into the flooded area.

Where the water is deepest, it reaches up to the air intakes in the front of the car, and thus water probably entered places that are normally dry.

Judging from the short clip, however, the supercar, which has a value of up to SEK 30 million, was able to drive on after it forced the flood.

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1 of 99 copies

Pagani Utopia is the third car model from the Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani, founded by designer Horacio Pagani. Before that, it also produced the legendary models Zonda and Huayra.

The car was presented in September 2022, and is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V12 from Mercedes-AMG with an output of 864 horsepower.

The Pagani Utopia will be produced in a limited edition of 99 cars, all of which have already found buyers.

The first customer car was delivered in October 2023, which means the car in the video is pretty much brand new.

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