Superbonus, the exemption for earthquake-hit areas arrives

Superbonus the exemption for earthquake hit areas arrives

(Finance) – More news on the front Super bonus. In fact, in the latest draft of the decree dedicated to the measure, the government has foreseen that the stop to discount on invoice and to credit assignment it will not apply to properties damaged by the earthquakes in Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria which occurred on 6 April 2009 and starting from 24 August 2016. However, a ceiling has been set for exception which will be “400 million euros for the year 2024 of which 70 million for the seismic events that occurred on 6 April 2009″.
The text then specified that it is up to the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction ensure “compliance with the spending limit, verifying its achievement for the purposes of suspending the exemption, also making use of the data made available on the National Seismic Classifications Portal managed by the Italy Home Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers”.

“The government in its action to protect and support the affected communities – declared the undersecretary to the MEF, Lucia Albano – following the day’s work at the Ministry of Economy and in agreement with the Presidency of the Council”, he assures that there will be no block for the “superbonus earthquake” credits.

The protests of the territories involved were therefore accepted – the 140 administrations of the so-called crater: Abruzzo, Lazio, Umbria and Marche – which before the revision had underlined that the stop to the Superbonus would be a “deadly blow” to the reconstruction and a brake on restart of those territories devastated by the earthquakes of 2009 and 2016. The commissioner for reconstruction had also acted personally Guido Castles. Even the mayor of L’Aquila Pierluigi blonde and the president of the Abruzzo Region Marco Marsiliohad asked to “maintain the incentives provided for building bonuses in the areas affected by the 2009 and 2016-17 earthquakes so as not to compromise the ongoing rebirth processes”.