Superbonus, Confartigianato “Limited opening for earthquake areas. But trouble awaits everyone else.”

Superbonus Confartigianato Limited opening for earthquake areas But trouble awaits

(Finance) – “We appreciate the limited openness to corrective interventions due to a discount on the invoice from superbonus in the earthquake areas of Abruzzo/central Italy, with a spending ceiling of 400 million. But nothing changes, in the text circulated yesterday, regarding the situation of IACP public housing, cooperatives, the third sector and architectural barriers. And, unfortunately, noIn the new text we find a further tightening of discount/transfer optionsthis time with effects extended to the entire audience of the interventions”. This is the comment of President of Confartigianato Marco Granelli on the Government’s measures regarding the application of the superbonus.
Those who, despite being able to continue to enjoy the maintenance of the discount/transfer option for interventions covered by CILA prior to 16 February 2023, will now, with the new text, be able to benefit from it only if they demonstrate that they have also partially carried out the interventions, incurred the related expense documented by an invoice issued by the date of entry into force of the DL (presumably 30 March 2024). “A real Friday of passion therefore for those who, by the date of entry into force of the Legislative Decree, will not have had the ‘premonition’ of invoicing expenses for work already carried out, leaving the contracts at the mercy of the resulting disputes”, yes reads in the note sent.

“The super bonus is an increasingly intricate affair full of obstacles. Now we are at the umpteenth regulatory change in progress – declares President Marco Granelli – which arrives close to the deadlines and coinciding with the holidays, thus making it even more difficult to provide correct information to the companies involved”.