Super-powerful gaming graphics card now costs just over €300

The Intel Arc A770 is truly an innovative masterpiece in terms of price-performance. Now on offer super cheap at Alternate.

The Acer PREDATOR BIFROST is a graphics card that is impressive. With 16GB GDDR6 memory, you could even use it perfectly for WQHD gaming and make the most of it for a long time in FHD gaming. You also benefit from a clock frequency of 2100 MHz and the 256-bit interface. Take advantage of the special price now at Alternate and only pays €309 instead of €379.

Grab the Intel Arc A770 at Alternate That’s why the Intel Arc A770 is a capable graphics card

With a clock frequency of 2100Mhz and 16GB GDDR6 memory you get the best conditions, to start even hungry games at a WQHD resolution. However, my recommendation is clearly to go for a fast FHD monitor, as this will ensure you are future-proof for longer.

Thanks to a 256-bit interface, this wondrous tech offers high bandwidth for fast data transfers. With the help of the OC function, you can further increase the performance of the graphics card and optimize your gaming experience.

In addition, the graphics card has advanced cooling technology, which ensures that it stays cool and works stably even during long gaming sessions. Annoying overheating is a thing of the past and you can concentrate fully on your game.

If you are looking for other alternatives, you can discover the fastest gaming graphics cards for under €400 here. You get a good overview of positive and negative characteristics.

Grab the Intel Arc A770 at Alternate


  • 1A price-performance
  • 16GB graphics memory
  • Long future-proof in FHD gaming
  • Strong cooling technology
  • Cons

  • Not suitable for long-term WQHD gaming
  • There are more top offers here

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