Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1372 of February 28, 2023

Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1372 of February

In the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us 1372 of February 28, 2023, Jonas attacks Dorian and is found dead shortly after. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In episode 1372 of DNA broadcast on Tuesday February 28, 2023 on TF1, Luna is released. The police decide to watch her in case she leads them to Jonas, but lose track of her. The young girl finds Dorian and begs him to help her: she knows that Jonas is in danger and seriously injured and she wants to bring him medicine, but cannot move alone because of his leg. The teenager reluctantly agrees. There, Jonas freaks out when he sees Dorian and becomes paranoid. He punches Luna and threatens to go after the teenager, but Dorian grabs a knife. For his part, Georges has identified a potential hiding place where Jonas could have fallen back. He warns the brigade, but when the police arrive, the young man is stabbed to death. Dorian returns home visibly shaken and washes his hands, which are covered in blood. For his part, Étienne is also going through a complicated situation: a former accomplice has come to threaten him with digging up the past if he refuses to help him.

Still in Sète, Manon and Nordine decide to take revenge on William and Aurore. If Manon is indeed assigned to Sète, the couple claims that he will move to Brittany. And the best way to be affected together is to get married. The two young policemen announce their engagement to Aurore and William. The least we can say is that the latter is not happy. In this episode of tomorrow belongs to us, Aurore expresses her concern to Martin who ends up revealing the pot of roses to her. The Daunier couple then decides to make Manon and Nordine believe that they are going to settle down, but the lie is too big and Manon is no longer fooled. When the truth comes to light, the family happily reconciles.

Finally, in episode 1372 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on Tuesday February 28, 2023 on TF1, Alma and Benjamin are on their little cloud. However, the great news of the latter could well compromise the balance of the couple. The doctor has just obtained the job of his dreams in Paris, but does not want to leave his partner. He therefore offers her to settle down together on the spot and, if she refuses, he will consider staying with her in Sète. Alma doesn’t want to deprive him of his dream, but isn’t sure she wants to live in the Paris region. She confides in Victoire who supports her and assures her that she will always be there to chat with her from a distance.