Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1357 of February 7, 2023

Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1357 of February

In episode 1357 of Tomorrow belongs to us of February 7, 2023, Mélanie feels the noose which tightens and pulls on Nordine. Summary and spoilers.

In the Tuesday, February 7 episode of DNA, Chloe and Muriel are in the hospital and Muriel is in serious condition. Damien quickly discovers that their car has been tampered with. Suspicions quickly arise on Patrick Faure even if he is worried about his wife. Muriel’s husband continues to accuse François’ mother. Lehaut fils is lost and thinks that his mother would indeed have been able to harm her husband. Charlie tries to reason with him, but the professor becomes increasingly obsessed and rejects her once again. For his part, Nordine is in charge of questioning Mélanie and explains to Manon that he will not be able to spend the evening with her. At the same time, the couple is robbed and Nordine is injured. The attacker is none other than… Mélanie!

Still in Sète, Bénédicte treats Luna, a prima ballerina who lost the use of her leg after a scooter accident. She doesn’t know if she will ever be able to walk or dance again. In this episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Bénédicte seizes the opportunity to present the young girl to Dorian, hoping that she will be able to convince him of the dangerousness of the machine. Luna admits however to Dorian that her case is not a generality. Later, the young woman contacts the high school student to see him again. Camille hides her jealousy and Dorian finds Luna who lends her her scooter until she can walk again.

Finally, in episode 1357 of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on January 7 on TF1, Martin goes to his first meeting at the Spoon, but it is a disaster: his conquest is obsessed with his job and assails him with questions. . The commander quickly realizes that he has come across a law enforcement fetishist and that he will only be one more number for this collector. Not far from there, Raphaëlle attended the scene and joined Martin, who was left alone. Both discuss and the current passes very well. Could there be a future for the outgoing lawyer and the discreet policeman?