Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1335 of January 6, 2023

Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1335 of January

In episode 1335 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Friday January 6, 2023, Stéphane is suspected while Sara’s condition worsens. Summary in advance and spoilers.

In DNA episode 1335 from Friday, January 6, now that Adam is cleared, the police must determine who may have gone after Sara or the pilot of the plane. Sara apparently has no enemies, but the pilot recently had a run-in with Stéphane Jorda, Soraya’s boyfriend. He explains to Martin that he had designed a set of eco-responsible residences but that Leduc succeeded in having the building permit canceled. For the police, Stéphane must be taken into custody, he assaulted the victim and has a motive. In addition, a new element does not play in his favor: he took drone piloting lessons a few days before the crash.

Meanwhile, the crash victims are recovering from their injuries. Manon’s leg operation went well, she can go home. After saying goodbye to her grandmother, finally allowed to return to Paris and having little chance of being sent to prison, she enjoys an evening alone with Nordine. Jack will also be able to leave the hospital, he shows courage, even if he still does not know if he will recover his sight. In this episode of DNA, Sylvain and Sara are still in a coma, but the latter has a haemorrhage and must be operated on urgently. A camera records everything that happens in his hospital room and a mysterious person spies on him…

Finally, still in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on January 6 on TF1, the relatives of Malik try to resume a normal life. Despite Anna’s refusal, Karim doesn’t seem determined to give up on their adoption plan. At the same time, while Romy comes to thank Victor in prison, Rayane returns to high school Agnès Varda. He is insolent and arrogant in English class. Chloe explains to Alma that even if it doesn’t excuse everything, Rayane has just lost her father and has a hard time expressing her grief. His integration promises to be difficult, especially since he is aggressive with his comrades.