Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1263 of August 31, 2022

Summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1263 of August

In episode 1263 of Tomorrow belongs to us from Wednesday August 31, 2022, Timothée’s girlfriend is the victim of an assault in high school.

In episode 1263 of DNA on Wednesday August 31, in high school, faced with questions from Gaétan, Elsa ends up admitting that she does not like spas because of the proximity to people, even if she makes Timothée believe that she appreciated her gift. Gaétan does not need to be asked to spill the beans and sow discord in the couple. It is very heavy with Elsa who packs it curtly. But the damage is done. Annoyed, Timothée no longer wants to talk to his girlfriend. On the August 31 episode of DNA, Elsa has the strange feeling of being followed, and finally, after reconciling with Timothée over the phone, she gets mugged on her way out of high school! Chloe finds her scruffy and crying.

At the same time, thanks to a fiber from a pink flamingo feather found in Christelle Moreno’s room, the investigators direct their research towards the marshes. Aurore and Sara find the shed where Sacha Girard is hiding while he is away. The criminal went to sell the stolen jewelry to a fence. The latter knows his identity and takes advantage of his position of strength to buy them at a low price. Ash needs more money so he will have to steal more jewels. Meanwhile at the police station, Georges meets a beautiful young woman whom he feels he has seen before. It is actually Lisa, Victoire’s cousin, who is an agent of the general inspection. She came to investigate Nordine in order to understand the circumstances of the theft of her weapon and of Sacha’s escape.

Finally, in the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast on Wednesday August 31 on TF1, Alma is making a comeback in Sète. Benjamin, who was going to see a patient, is surprised to find her in a sexy outfit in the hospital room. A breathtaking reunion that the doctor did not expect. In the evening, the couple were to meet to spend a romantic evening, however, Alma insists that Victoire stay with them. In the end, Victoire returns home with Lisa, whom she ran into at the Spoon counter. Alma and Benjamin therefore find themselves one-on-one.