Success against Russia in the Black Sea

As Ukraine’s air defenses have strengthened, the country’s military has succeeded in bombing more and more Russian ships in the Black Sea. The attack on the naval headquarters in Sevastopol in Crimea was particularly felt, as many high-ranking leaders are said to have died.

In September, Ukraine attempted to re-establish a grain corridor through Bulgarian and Romanian waters, despite threats from Russia to attack ships.

Now the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyj, describes that they have succeeded in taking even more control over the area.

“Thanks to Ukrainian courage, we are de facto driving the Russian fleet out to the eastern part of the Black Sea. Russia can no longer use our sea to extend its aggression to other parts of the world, as it did in the past with Syria,” he writes on X.

September 23, 2023

The headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is attacked here

“The situation has changed”

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has largely used the Black Sea as a base and Crimea as a military springboard – but no longer, Zelensky claims.

“Now the situation has changed completely. As we ensure even more security to the Black Sea, Russia will lose all ability to dominate in this area. The better our oceans and coasts are protected, the better the world is protected,” writes the president.

“Ukraine’s success in the fight for the Black Sea will go down in the history books, even if it is not discussed much today,” he continues.

At least 300,000 Russian soldiers have died fighting in Ukraine, the Ukrainian military said on Tuesday. The figures have not been verified by independent actors. One study on the subject, however, states that Russia probably suffers greater losses than Ukraine.

Right now, heavy fighting is taking place in the town of Avdijivka, where the Russian losses are described as very heavy.