Stupeflip breaks the sound barrier again

Stupeflip breaks the sound barrier again

Twenty years of career and the collective Stupeflip, founded by Julien Barthélémy, Stéphane Bellenger and Jean-Paul Michel, delivers only its 5th album. A new adventure by Stupeflip CROU that navigates between reality and science fiction, and continues to explore the mix of genres between rap, indie rock, pop culture and electro. A record rooted in the 1990s, a return to basics still as well mastered.

You could say that the collective’s new album Stupeflip is an “OMNI”, an Unidentified Musical Object. King Ju’s face is still hidden, and on the cover of this new disc, his incarnation takes on the appearance of Don Quixote on a hallucinated Rossinante.

A little punk, a little rap, a little electro-pop with a hint of reggae, a unique, musical and graphic project, and an atmosphere in which death flirts with self-mockery. Singular cocktail that of Stupeflip through this fifth album, five years after the last.

King-Ju is the guest of VMDN to present us “Stup Forever” in VMDN. The album was released by Dragon Accel/Modulor.

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