Students in Sundsvall overdosed at school – vapes contained drugs

It was in January that several students at a school in Sundsvall had to go by ambulance to the hospital after vaping e-cigarettes.

The students are under 15 years of age.

The analysis carried out shows that the vapes contained two different THCP preparations and two different HHC substances, which were recently classified as narcotics.

Cannabis-like substances – appeal to parents

HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that was classified as a drug in Sweden in 2023.

The THCP substances were classified as narcotics in January this year.

Police say there is reason for parents to be aware if their children are using vapes.

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This is how the police told Henrik Blusi and the condition of the young people when they were found and how the overdoses were handled. Photo: Archives, Anna Beijron/SVT