Strong wind and snow cause problems in Norway

No aircraft could land or take off at Oslo Airport on Saturday morning. At 2 p.m., air traffic slowly resumed after travelers had to wait for hours.

– Now that we have had such a large suspension as we have had today, it is clear that the delays and cancellations that have occurred will spread over the evening. So we probably won’t have any normal operations today, says Øystein Løwer, press officer at Avinor NRK.

Trees over roads and vehicles

Challenging driving conditions on the motorways have also led to several traffic accidents. The Norwegian Road Administration states that there is a lot of snow on the roads and some wind in several directions.

The police therefore advise residents in the area of ​​Nedre Romerike to leave their cars parked, if possible.

The Swedish Road Administration also says that the strong wind led to several trees falling over roads and crushing cars.

Chaos in public transport and power outages

In Oslo, a tree also fell over the tracks on the subway at half past eight – which led to the cancellation of departures. Extensive delays in public transport in the capital are also expected throughout the day.

Among other things, a bus that was supposed to replace the subway has gotten stuck and is blocking a road.

There have also been power outages in several municipalities in Romerike in Norway.

Warnings in Sweden

In the middle and northern parts of Uppland, SMHI has issued an orange warning for wind in combination with snowfall. The warning is for Saturday until Sunday morning.

Until Sunday morning, there may therefore be around 10-20 centimeters of snow, which, according to SMHI, may initially melt away.

The weather institute writes on its website that there is therefore a risk of delays in bus, train and air traffic as well as canceled departures.

In addition, SMHI flags for very limited accessibility on roads.