Strike, Salvini ready for injunction: “Only allowed from 9 to 12”

Strike Salvini ready for injunction Only allowed from 9 to

(Finance) – There is a clash between the government and the unions over the strike on Friday 17 November, after the intervention of the Guarantor and the lack of response to the official letter from the MIT inviting the workers’ associations to desist. However, the unions confirm that the conditions exist to proclaim a national general strike.

In a note from the MIT we read that “the orientation of the deputy prime minister and minister Matteo Salvini is to allow strike action from 9am to 12pm on Friday 17th for the entire transport sector, with the exception of the airplaneon which the unions had already confirmed a rethink. Salvini says he is ready to sign the injunction“.

According to law 146/1900, modified in 2000, the The ministry has until midnight today to issue the ordinance considering that it can take place up to “48 hours before the start of the collective abstention, unless the attempt at conciliation is still underway or urgent reasons arise”.

Following the meeting between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) and the unions, the deputy prime minister and minister Matteo Salvini “said that within a few hours we will receive the injunction, we confirm the strike and tomorrow there will be a press conference by CGIL and UIL at 3.30pm”. Emanuele Ronzoniorganizational secretary of Uil at the end of the meeting.

Salvini “can dictate what he wants but we are only atstart of a mobilization. What he is doing is putting this country on the cross. They won’t stop us with a precept, we are only at the beginning, we don’t just want to change this stupid budget law, we want reforms to be carried out starting from the fiscal one” Landini reiterated. Absent from the meeting was the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, replaced by the confederal secretary, Maria Grazia Gabrielli and Pierpaolo Bombardieri.

“We want to protect the millions of Italians who need to travel every day. We want find a balance between the right to strike and the right to work and mobility”, concludes the deputy prime minister and minister Matteo Salvini at the end of the meeting with the unions at the MIT.