Strike-affected Tesla’s new headache: Swedish majors fail

Strike affected Teslas new headache Swedish majors fail

IF Metall’s protracted strike at Tesla has led to several large companies no longer taking in the brand’s models as company cars.

It shows a compilation from Today’s industry, who has called around to a number of large companies.

Skanska, ABB and Telia pause

One of the companies that has now excluded Tesla from its range of company cars is Skanska, which has around 400 electric cars attached to its employees.

– I can confirm that we have an order freeze regarding Tesla which is based on purely commercial and financial grounds, where we await how the conflict continues, says Skanska’s press manager Jakob Birkeland.

ABB Sweden and Telia have also paused to offer Tesla cars to their employees.

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Uncertainty about repairs and residual value

The reason given for pausing their Tesla purchases differs between the major companies.

Jakob Birkeland highlights that two contributing reasons for the boycott are uncertainty about repairs and residual value.

– When we review our purchases of these vehicles, we need to know that it is possible to service and repair them, and then sell them at a good price after the lease period. If this is not possible, our ability to order the specific brand will be affected. Since the blockade began, there has been uncertainty around this and Tesla, says Jakob Birkeland to Di.

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Different reasons

ABB instead cites uncertainty surrounding the working conditions of Tesla’s local employees as the primary reason for the boycott. Telia says, however, that the strike has not affected the decision.

– We have paused while we are in talks with them to understand more about the working conditions at their local operations. This is in line with how ABB Sweden generally handles similar issues affecting our subcontractors, said Christine Gunnarsson, press manager at the company, to Di.

– We have not long had Tesla as the brand of choice for new cars, it was already changed earlier last autumn as a result of the annual evaluation, says Telia’s press manager Irène Krohn to Di.

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Not a big difference

The fact that a number of large companies are pausing their orders for Tesla cars does not necessarily have a large impact on Tesla’s sales.

According to Mats Silfver, head of Sweden at the leasing company Autolease, they have not seen a big drop in orders. Around one in five electric cars that the company has ordered in 2024 is still a Tesla, he tells Di.

Swedbank-owned Autoplan, which assists companies with the administration, leasing and sale of company cars, has also seen some customers cancel their orders for Tesla cars.

– We follow the issue carefully and inform customers and clients about what the situation looks like, as well as what alternatives are available, says Hannes Mård, press communicator at Swedbank.

– In our dialogue with customers, it has emerged that it is a challenge, but it is difficult for us to assess the extent, adds Hannes Mård.

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