Streamers hyped Season 3 of CoD Warzone 2

The new Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is online but cannot live up to expectations. In the run-up, some CoD creators created an optimistic atmosphere around the update, with the well-known Twitch streamer JoeWo at the forefront. He now receives death threats for it.

Call of Duty had announced a lot for the current Season 3. Also here on MeinMMO we had a few articles about individual adjustments that advance Warzone 2:

Expectations were high and many players feel after the update that too much was promised. This has even led to at least one major content creator receiving death threats.

Here’s the short trailer for Season 3:

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Season 3 – Trailer

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Call of Duty arguably made the creators believe there was more to come

JoeWo was already able to make a name for himself in the old Warzone. He was considered the “movement king” and delighted with his hasty gameplays.

With the release of Warzone 2, the creator was also there again. The announcements of the new Season 3 made him so optimistic that he probably wanted to create some positive hype. Here’s what he posted a few hours before the update:

Tonight is Christmas Eve for COD Players 🙏

— JoeWo (@AverageJoeWo) April 12, 2023

Tweet translation: “Today is Christmas Eve for CoD players”

In the days before, he created a mood and spread hope. The gameplay changes that should ensure a larger skill gap again and the ranked matches in Warzone 2 were particularly important to him.

But ranked comes later and the gameplay adjustments were not clear enough for many fans.

After the update, JoeWo then shared the following:

Mind blown I’m getting death threats over a Call of Duty update. Was optimistic about an update that underperformed and apparently I’m the scape goat now.

— JoeWo (@AverageJoeWo) April 12, 2023

Tweet translation: “Insane. I’m getting death threats because of a Call of Duty update. Was optimistic about an update that wasn’t so good and apparently I’m the scapegoat now.”

The streamer then released a video on YouTube in which he apologized to his fans who were disappointed by his hype (via

Other creators had also raised hopes in advance that there would be significant changes. Some also spoke out about the threats:

In the sake of transparency, there was discussion on the creator call last week that led many of us to believe more significant changes would happen than what transpired with the update.

We were told there was adjustments to TTK, especially close range, but that boiled down to…

— CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) April 13, 2023

News account CharlieIntel tries to explain: “[…] there were talks in the creator call last week that many [Creator] to think that the adjustments would be more significant than what came with the update.”

Accordingly, changes in the time-to-kill were addressed, especially in close combat. But now it came through weapon balancing and not through the adjustment of hit points, as it did in Warzone 1. Apparently, however, the creators had the feeling that the adjustments went deeper.

Also with the movement and the “firing while sliding” one expected more after the conversation than finally came out.

There are always threats like this in the gaming cosmos and now the whole industry is affected. Whether it’s the press, creator, developer – gaming is an emotional topic for many, but death threats don’t work at all.

Unfortunately, they are almost part of everyday life: Rust: “In survival games, death threats against developers are common” – the team behind the Steam hit is threatened daily