Streamer QTCinderella openly tricks Twitch – there’s a ban coming

Twitch has banned the streamer QTCinderella (29). This is causing a lot of excitement in the community because the 29-year-old is currently embroiled in a controversy: In order to earn advertising money for an awards show, she asks viewers to watch a stream without looking. This sparked a heated discussion. But her ban has nothing to do with that, as she says.

This is how QTCinderella tricks Twitch:

  • The streamer QTCinderella hosts a major annual awards ceremony, the “Streamer Awards.” This year the show will take place on February 17th. Because streamers love prizes, this is a big annual event that is widely discussed.
  • To finance this show, the streamer founded her own Twitch channel “QTEvents” and asked viewers to turn on the Twitch channel, mute it and leave it running so that she could collect advertising revenue.
  • This sparked a discussion as to whether the “good cause”, the Streamer Awards, justifies such methods.
  • There is lively competition among streamers as to who will win such prizes and who is currently popular.

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    Heated discussion on Twitter about whether this is cheating or not

    This was the discussion: Like all heated discussions, this one took place on Twitter. A user named jstlk wrote about QTCinderella’s campaign:

    “How on earth can this idiot openly try to trick Twitch with a channel description like that. She’s already rich anyway, what’s the point of that?”

    Many major streamers and some Twitter users then insulted jstlk:

  • That doesn’t hurt anyone, especially Jeff Bezos.
  • They are financing a big and good event.
  • The criticism is misogynistic; if QTCinderella were a man, no one would say anything.
  • Who he actually is, perhaps the advertising police.
  • He’s defending a multimillion-dollar corporation here, that’s silly.
  • This couldn’t be fraud at all, QTCinderella is dealing with it completely transparently.
  • To make it all personal, he was also simply called an “incel” because he watched the streamer “Destiny”.
  • Twitch streamer Asmongold, as a prominent voice, said: There is something to the criticism.

    It is clear that there is cheating here and ultimately, if this becomes common practice, all creators would earn less advertising money, because advertisers pay for their advertising to be seen, not for the advertising to run on a muted channel nobody sees.

    Asmongold wondered why there was so much poison in the comments.

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    And now what happened to the ban? The streamer QTCinderella has now actually been banned from Twitch, which fueled the discussion again. Because of course it was assumed that the ban was directly related to their action and that Twitch was now taking action:

  • QTCinderella’s opponents saw this as confirmation of their position.
  • The supporters of QTCinderella were quickly on the barricades: They couldn’t ban them, then the Streamer Awards would also be in danger, because banned streamers are not allowed to appear on Twitch.
  • Ultimately, however, it turned out that the ban had nothing to do with the campaign. As QTCinderella says, “Before you come with ‘I told you so’ – it was a penis.”

    Her friend Ludwig explains: She was banned because of an Omegle clip, which is forbidden on Twitch.

    Ultimately, the ban only lasted a short time and QTCinderella is now free again.

    Omegle is a website that connects two random users in a chat. The service is now closed but banned on Twitch.

    That’s what lies behind it: How Twitch and advertisers see the fact that a channel is being set up here with the clear idea of ​​collecting advertising revenue without viewers is still an open question. Apparently this is one of those many loopholes in Twitch’s rules that can be exploited – similar to how Fextralife became the biggest channel in Baldur’s Gate 3 or Elden Ring.

    These 24/7 offline channels, which are operated by large Twitch streamers like Gronkh or MontanaBlack and where recordings are made, are already controversial, as they go against the basic idea of ​​Twitch that streamers interact with viewers.

    But apparently they work and flush “passive income” into the ever-hungry coffers.

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