Strasbourg – Nice (Ligue 1): a match to forget for OGC Nice, what to remember

Strasbourg Nice Ligue 1 a match to forget for

RC Strasbourg – OGCN. The Niçois return to the locker room with a defeat after this meeting of the 35th day of Ligue 1 against RC Strasbourg. Final result: 2 to 0. Summary of the match.

18:50 – OGC Nice loses in Strasbourg (2-0)

The score does not completely reflect the physiognomy of the match: at the end of this confrontation, possession of the ball is slightly in favor of the Niçois (40%-60%), who have also created more chances serious, with 4 shots on target against 3 shots on target, but it was RC Strasbourg who knew how to make the difference to the mark (2-0).

18:50 – Ibrahima Sissoko is replaced by Dimitri Lienard at Strasbourg

90ᵉ. Ibrahima Sissoko gives way to Dimitri Lienard.

18:49 – Jean-Ricner Bellegarde is replaced by Jean Eudes Aholou at Strasbourg

90ᵉ. We rotate the workforce in Strasbourg: Jean Eudes Aholou takes the place of Jean-Ricner Bellegarde.

18:47 – Yellow card for Ibrahima Sissoko (RC Strasbourg)

90ᵉ. The referee, Jeremy Stinat, waved a warning to Ibrahima Sissoko, the RC Strasbourg player.

18:47 – OGC Nice will ward off the danger with a free kick

90ᵉ. The last chance of a goal may have passed for RC Strasbourg, who are dispossessed of the ball by Jeremy Stinat just a stone’s throw from the opposing goals! OGC Nice will be able to stave off the danger with this free kick as we are in the final moments of this duel.

6:46 p.m. – Sofiane Diop misses the target!

89ᵉ. Interesting opportunity for Sofiane Diop but it is not on target and this shot fails to deceive the vigilance of the opposing goalkeeper.

18:43 – Six meters for RC Strasbourg

86ᵉ. RC Strasbourg can get away with this 6 meters in the heart of this 2nd period. We are in the 86th minute of this game.

18:41 – Habib Diallo is replaced by Lebo Mothiba at Strasbourg

85ᵉ. Change at the Stade de la Meinau: Lebo Mothiba replaces Habib Diallo.

18:39 – Six meters for RC Strasbourg

82ᵉ. RC Strasbourg can get away with this 6 meters in this 2nd period. We are in the 82nd minute of this game.

18:38 – Corner for OGC Nice

81ᵉ. The referee signals a corner kick in favor of OGC Nice, on the right. Led to the score (2-0) in this 2nd half, the visitors will try to put pressure on RC Strasbourg by bringing size into the penalty area.

18:38 – What a save from the OGC Nice goalkeeper

81ᵉ. RC Strasbourg’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 81st minute of the game.

18:38 – Dante frames his shot!

81ᵉ. Interesting opportunity for Dante: the shot is on target but the opposing goalkeeper is vigilant and can restart his own.

18:38 – Corner for OGC Nice

81ᵉ. This may be the opportunity for OGC Nice to turn the tide in this meeting, with this corner, their second today which will be taken from the right side by Ross Barkley in a few moments. The reminder of the score: 2-0 in favor of RC Strasbourg.

18:35 – Six meters for RC Strasbourg

78ᵉ. Jeremy Stinat, the Man in Black, signals a 6-yarder as the score is still 2-0. The defense can clear.

18:35 – Shot off target for OGC Nice

78ᵉ. Interesting situation for OGC Nice but it lacks precision and this attempt fails to deceive the vigilance of the opposing goalkeeper.

18:33 – New free kick for OGC Nice

76ᵉ. OGC Nice wins a new free kick in this 2nd half, which will be struck in a few moments. We are in the 76th minute of play at the Stade de la Meinau. And the penalties are raining down on the side of RC Strasbourg, which has already offered its opponent 13 free kicks against 6 for its benefit and seems to be forced to make a mistake to maintain its lead!

18:33 – The decisive goalkeeper on this strike from RC Strasbourg

76ᵉ. RC Strasbourg create danger with this new strike, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to ward off the threat as we reach the 76th minute of the game.

18:33 – Shot on target for OGC Nice

76ᵉ. The occasion could have found a happier outcome! A player from OGC Nice manages to fit on this shot, but it will not pass the goal line.

18:30 – Yellow card for Dante (OGC Nice)

73ᵉ. Game director Jeremy Stinat shows OGC Nice player Dante a yellow card.

18:29 – Nice save from the RC Strasbourg goalkeeper

72ᵉ. OGC Nice are threatening with this new strike, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to ward off the threat as we reach the 72nd minute of the game.

6:29 p.m. – The Strasbourgeois frame, but without success

72ᵉ. RC Strasbourg think they find the opening but this shot which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not find the nets.

18:28 – Hicham Boudaoui is replaced by Ross Barkley at the Niçois

71ᵉ. Hicham Boudaoui gives way to Ross Barkley in the 71st minute of play.

18:28 – Colin Dagba is replaced by Kevin Gameiro at Strasbourg

71ᵉ. Kevin Gameiro succeeds Colin Dagba.

18:27 – RC Strasbourg gets a very good free kick!

70ᵉ. This is the chaos ball! While we are in the 70th minute of play, Jeremy Stinat whistles a foul against the Niçois who find themselves stuck in front of their goals and will have to defend their cages tooth and nail. The Stade de la Meinau holds its breath.

18:24 – Pablo Rosario is replaced by Sofiane Diop at the Niçois

67ᵉ. The referee signals a change for OGC Nice: Sofiane Diop comes on as a replacement for Pablo Rosario.