Strange cases of sudden vomiting in stairwells in Stockholm, the police are investigating | Foreign countries

Strange cases of sudden vomiting in stairwells in Stockholm the

At least five people have had sudden bouts of vomiting in two different places in Stockholm.

The rescue service and the police are investigating sudden cases of vomiting in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm and in the center of Stockholm. They talk about it, among other things Dagens Nyheter, Aftonbladet and Expressen.

On Wednesday morning, a father and two children started vomiting after walking down the stairs of their apartment building in Upplands Väsby. Father contacted his landlord Sveafastigheter.

The father described feeling a tingling sensation and/or a pungent smell in the stairwell. Father and children feel better when they have access to fresh air.

The lessor visited the place to investigate the matter, noted the smell and alerted the emergency services. The rescue service has now isolated the stairwell and is investigating whether there are dangerous substances there.

Another adult also started vomiting in the morning after walking in the same stairwell, and residents have been advised to stay in their apartments.

– They felt pressure in their chest and after that they vomited, a police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl told Expressen.

People who have suffered from vomiting attacks have handed over their clothes to the police, who are examining them for chemicals and dangerous substances.

In the early evening, the Swedish media reported a similar incident from Kungsholmen in the center of Stockholm. However, according to the police, it is not connected to the Upplands Väsby cases.

– We have checked several people who have been in the stairwell and no one else has felt any symptoms, smelled anything, had breathing problems or felt unwell, a police spokesperson Rebecca Landerberg said For Expressen.