Stop doing these now: 5 terrible eating habits that make you gain weight

Stop doing these now 5 terrible eating habits that make

Losing weight is a difficult process in itself. Every tip that will make your job easier in this process is gold. What you eat is not the only thing that matters in your diet. How you eat is also very important. You may be avoiding fast food. But you may be harming yourself by eating a healthy meal wrong.


Eating on the go increases cortisol, the stress hormone that promotes weight gain in unwanted areas such as the waist and abdomen. Slow down, enjoy your food and appreciate its sensory properties, you will be more satisfied!

If you know you’ll be in a hurry, plan ahead. Get healthy snacks that can keep you going until dinner or lunch. If you don’t have time for a proper meal, don’t forget to pack a salad you will prepare at home in your bag.


Do you watch your favorite TV show while you eat, or do you work on the computer? Such habits can expand your waistline and reduce your enjoyment of food.



Research shows that the size of the plate or bowl you eat out can affect how much you eat. If you eat in larger dinnerware, the food will appear smaller on the plate and you will feel like you are eating less. Therefore, you are more likely to be hungry within seconds. In contrast, a meal seems like more when it’s on a small plate, so you’re satisfied with less.


If you want to reduce your calorie intake without starving, try setting your table with smaller plates. Choose light colors for your plates as well. Red, orange and yellow are bright, motivating colors that increase appetite; muted blue, green, or brown shapes are less likely to increase your appetite and cause you to eat more.


Research findings show that people consume more calories when dining with others than when eating alone. Why? Why? When you eat with others, you focus less on your food because conversations and good times are distracting.



Many people tend to eat more when they are unhappy or stressed. A giant bowl of ice cream or a plate of french fries… But here’s the thing: suppressing your emotions by eating doesn’t make you feel any better!


It can also cause weight gain. Eating high-calorie foods when stressed can raise your blood sugar levels, increase insulin production, and tell your body to store fat instead of burning it. This means that instead of losing weight because of work stress, you may start gaining weight because of stress!