Stockholm Tantra festival attracts many: “Fully booked”

Stockholm Tantra festival attracts many Fully booked

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Hundreds of people gather in Stockholm this weekend for this year’s tantra festival.

Founder Sanna Björkebaum believes that tantra, like yoga, is becoming more normalized.

– That it is not something that you are afraid of anymore, she says.

500 participants, 50 workshops and 40 teachers.

This sums up this weekend’s tantra festival, which starts on Friday and takes place in a conference room in Liljeholmen in southern Stockholm.

full screen Photo: Stockholm Tantrafestival

The event is the sixth in a row in Stockholm. The tickets have sold out all but one time.

– Originally, tantra is a spiritual practice similar to yoga. But in recent years in our modern society, it’s a lot about sexual health and relationship health, sums up founder and organizer Sanna Björkebaum.

Sanna Björkebaum notices an increased interest in tantra. But she doesn’t think it’s due to the attention surrounding the tantra festival in Molkom 2021.

full screen “Tantra is a spiritual practice, like yoga,” says festival organizer Sanna Björkebaum. Photo: Stockholm Tantra Festival

Instead, she highlights an increased interest in personal development, yoga and that people want to take care of their inner well-being, their relationships and their sexuality.

During the weekend’s festival, lectures, therapeutic work, yoga and breathing exercises are interspersed with meeting others in deeper presence.

Some might get caught up in the connection between sex and tantra. How would you describe it?

– One of our parts is absolutely healthy sexual education. Something we think is missing in society today.

Sanna Björkebaum believes that tantra is about to become more normalized, and follow the same path that yoga has taken.

– That it’s not strange anymore. That it’s not something that you don’t know what it is and are afraid of anymore, she says.

full screenSanna Björkebaum and Peter Orevi are the fire-stealers behind the festival, which is led with so-called “conscious leadership” – to help others step up and contribute to management and creation. Photo: Stockholm Tantra Festival

All advertising is good advertising?

In the summer of 2021, tantra was on everyone’s lips – for slightly different reasons than interest in personal development.

The tantra festival in Molkom in Värmland became a super spreading event during the pandemic. At least a hundred people who visited the festival fell ill, neighbors were furious. In the end, the country’s border with Norway was closed due to the rapid spread of infection.

“All advertising is good advertising”, they say. And maybe that’s right.

When the festival was back in the summer of 2022, the organizer testified that interest had increased – perhaps after all the commotion the year before.