Stockholm inaugurates Space, the world’s largest video game arcade

Stockholm inaugurates Space the worlds largest video game arcade

Sweden is the country of ABBA, Ikea, Volvo, but also that of… video games. The sector has become the first cultural export product there thanks to a series of global successes such as Candy Crush, Minecraft or this year the surprising Valheim. In Stockholm, this weekend, we just inaugurated Space, a unique place dedicated to video games from around the world.

With our correspondent in Stockholm, Frederic False

It was the weekend event in Stockholm. Space, it is quite simply the largest games room in the world, with 400 computers and a 400-seat arena for video game competitions.

Victor Fredell is one of the creators of this 100% private project: “ Computers, computers, screens, screens! You can also eat, drink, on weekends, we are open all night until seven o’clock.

Games, digital campus and start-ups

But with its programming courses, its e-sports facilities for professional teams, its premises for start-ups and companies, this new place is intended to be more than a games room.

It is a center of digital creation. We attract people with the game, but then we put them in touch with the code, the creation of the content. With these computers, you can shoot an imaginary adversary in the head in a millisecond, but you can also code, create. We have a real digital campus. And also what we call the Space Community : these are four floors for companies, but also day visitors. You are a foreigner passing through Stockholm, for a small entrance fee you can stay there during the day, with super-fast internet, a great atmosphere, and meet people you would never have met otherwise.

The video game industry in Sweden is doing well. Today, there are nearly 700 companies and a turnover of 35 billion euros.

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