Stina Nilsson’s response to Björn Ferry – the words after the expert’s criticism of her: “It’s nothing new…”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Stina Nilsson is nobbed in the WC.
Now she answers what went wrong – and what she thinks of the experts’ criticism of her.
– It is nothing new to me, she tells Expressen.

There have been many opinions since Stina Nilsson took the leap from cross-country skiing to biathlon. Many think that the star made the wrong choice, but last season she seemed to be on the right track, when she made good results in the World Cup.

The answer to Ferry

However, this season has been miserable, and the development seems rather to have gone in the wrong direction. In recent weeks, Nilsson has been pushed out of the World Cup, and it was therefore no shock that she did not get a place at this year’s WC, which starts in a week or so. But it is still a miscalculation compared to what many had expected.

221113 Stina Nilsson during the biathlon premiere in women’s sprint on 13 November 2022 in Idre. Photo: Johanna Wallen / BILDBYRÅN / code JW / JW0034

Many experts have been critical of Nilsson during the season. In Norway, people have been surprised above all by her slow riding time, and even Björn Ferry has been critical of her development many times. Now Nilsson answers how she views the SVT expert’s criticism.

– I’ve basically received criticism from the day I started biathlon, so it’s nothing new for me. But this (biathlon) is the most fun I know. For me, no careers are straight forward, she tells Expressen.

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“It’s so much fun regardless”

At the same time, Stina Nilsson believes that the EC is big for her, and that she is not disappointed by the missing WC place.

– I think that biathlon is so much fun regardless. What triggers me is when I do a good race. I have full respect for the selection for the WC. It is clear why it did not become the WC for me. Sweden has four places, and I haven’t been anywhere near the podium this season. Going to the EC is big for me, she says.

201114 Björn Ferry commentator for SVT during biathlon, sprint on 14 November 2020 in Idre. Photo: Fredrik Karlsson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 185 / FK0027

At the same time, she admits that it is frustrating.

– Yes, but absolutely. In the best of worlds, I want it to always be true. But I think it’s motivating to try to solve problems and get the ball rolling in the right direction again.

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