Still efforts to be made to connect the territories in Europe

Still efforts to be made to connect the territories in

The best transport and telecommunications networks are essential tools for opening up regions, preventing rural exodus and allowing the economy to function better.

The account is not there yet in Germany when we talk about the internet. Only 16% of households are connected to very high speed Internet compared to more than 70% in France. In the north ofGermany, report by Julien Méchaussie.

TO Marseilles, the second largest city in France, the difficulty lies with transport. Difficult to move without a car from one end of the city to the other. And even more for the inhabitants of the northern districts, the poorest of the city. The political rivalries between the city and the metropolis do not help to accelerate the modernization of the network. And in the end, it is the Marseillais who suffer from it, Yoram Melloul.

Covid: need to go green

The Covid pandemic and the confinements have accentuated the need to work in nature, far from the confinement of cities. In Italy, a Milanese company, Borgo Office, offers to provide guest rooms in the most beautiful villages of Italy to professionals who would like another working environment, if they buy local specialties in exchange. This is a report byOlivier Bonnel.

Anti-vaccine theories are on the rise in Balkans : demonstrations against the health dictatorship are on the increase. In Serbia, the antivax are even displayed on the front page of the main media, with the tacit support of the authorities. Elsewhere, they are less visible, but just as determined, Simon Rico.

‘In a nutshell’: Greeklish

To speak ‘Greeklish’ is to speak a mixture of Greek and English. Initially, it designates the fact of writing in Greek with the Latin alphabet, but the health crisis has given it new relief. TO Athens, Joël Bronner.