Steven Spielberg loves this film: New action blockbuster breaks one of the most impressive James Bond records

Steven Spielberg loves this film New action blockbuster breaks one

Ryan Gosling was just out and about in Barbieland as Ken when the next blockbuster with the Hollywood star was announced. In The Fall Guy he is in one with Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt Declaration of love to action cinema to see. Since its premiere at the South by Southwest festival, the film has received a euphoric response. Even Steven Spielberg (West Side Story) is a fan.

The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, eclipses James Bond’s stunt record

One thing above all can be seen from the first reviews of The Fall Guy: the action hit is thrilling exceptionally good stunt work. That is exactly the theme of the film. Gosling takes on the role of stuntman Colt Seavers, who already experienced exciting adventures in the series A Colt for All Cases in the 1980s.

The new edition was directed by action expert David Leitch, who pulls out all the stops of his skills. After John Wick, Bullet Train and Co., he breaks a world record with The Fall Guy. Stuntman Logan Holladay The car rolls over eight and a half (!) times. The previous record holder in this discipline: James Bond.

You can watch the making of the mega stunt here:

The Fall Guy – Featurette Cannon Rolls (English) HD

In the video you can watch how the dangerous stunt came about. Leitch and his team explain their approach to the so-called Cannon Rolls. This is a stunt in which a device that resembles a cannon is placed under the car and, when triggered, throws the car into the air.

No film has ever achieved eight and a half rollovers before. The previous record is Casino Royale. If you remember: Shortly before the final act, Daniel Craig’s Bond races across the street in his Aston Martin. When he discovers Vesper Lynd tied up there, he turns the wheel and… rolls over seven times.

However, the stunt was not carried out by Craig. Instead, stuntman Adam Kirley was behind the wheel. The Fall Guy now wants this one invisible people in the industry Pay tribute, similar to Quentin Tarantino with his cinema homage Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, in which Brad Pitt plays a stuntman.

Steven Spielberg loves The Fall Guy: Ryan Gosling talks about his encounter with the master director

Speaking of big Hollywood names: The Fall Guy has found a special fan. As Gosling reveals in an interview with Variety, none other than Steven Spielberg was extremely enthusiastic about the film.


Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy

Gosling says:

I saw Steven Spielberg walking in my direction. I don’t know Steven Spielberg. I thought, There’s no way he’s coming to talk to me. And yet he came closer and closer, and then I thought, I know exactly what’s going to happen now. I will point at him and he will say, ‘Not you, but behind you.’ So I won’t do that.

But Spielberg wanted to talk to Gosling:

Finally I said, ‘Me?’. And he said, ‘Yes, you.’ I say, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d want to talk to me. I stood up, he hugged me and said: “I just saw The Fall Guy and loved it.”

This makes it official. The Fall Guy not only made stunt history, but also received Spielberg’s blessing. If that’s not the case perfect conditions for a cracking summer blockbuster. The reviews have been very positive for the film so far. On Metacritic, The Fall Guy has an average score of 79 out of 100. Rotten Tomatoes currently has 90 percent positive reviews.

Action hit in the cinema: When does The Fall Guy start?

We’ll have to wait a few weeks until The Fall Guy hits German cinemas from its festival premiere. From then on April 30, 2024 The romantic action comedy conquers the big screen and shakes up the cinema hall.