Statement from the White House after the attacks on the US bases in Syria: We will respond whenever we want

Statement from the White House after the attacks on the

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said they would respond “whenever and by any means” to attacks on bases where US troops are stationed.

Speaking at the daily online press conference, Kirby said that Iran-backed groups responded to such incidents related to attacks on bases where US soldiers are stationed in Iraq and Syria.

Kirby underlined that if there is an attack on the bases, they will respond “whenever and by any means they want”.

Kirby, who did not confirm the news in the media that US President Joe Biden canceled a second attack related to the incident in question, emphasized that Biden, as the Commander-in-Chief, has the right to decide on this issue.

Kirby, on a question about the purpose of the US decision not to share nuclear data with Russia, stated that they made such a decision because of Russia’s refusal to fully fulfill its obligations under the New START Agreement.

Emphasizing that they would be pleased with Russia’s return to the New START Agreement, Kirby defended the view that this agreement is good for both countries and the world.



Kirby stated that they wanted to sit at the table without preconditions for the denuclearization of Pyongyang and the Korean Peninsula regarding North Korea’s steps to develop its ballistic missile program, but they were not willing to do so.

For this reason, Coordinator Kirby stated that they will continue to do what they have to do in accordance with security agreements with their allies in the region and to develop their military capabilities.

Announcing that Biden will host Argentine President Alberto Fernandez at the White House tomorrow, Kirby noted that the leaders will discuss economic relations, climate change and technology issues, as well as support for Ukraine. (AA)