Starting today, you’ll level up even faster for 7 days – that’s why you should take advantage of it now

The “Mother’s Blessing” event is back in Sanctuary and gives you a bonus to XP and gold in Diablo 4. We’ll tell you on MeinMMO why you should definitely take advantage of this in the coming days.

  • Season 2 of Diablo 4 started on October 17th with a lot of problems – the launch was postponed at short notice.
  • The initial displeasure of the players then disappeared for some, because Season 2 brought many improvements to Diablo 4. The game basically allows you to level up faster; according to Blizzard, players now reach the maximum level around 40% faster.
  • Thanks to an event you will receive a bonus to the XP in the game, which increases the pace even further – you have a total of 7 days for this.
  • What kind of event is this? The “Mother’s Blessing” event starts today in Sanctuary and this time brings an even greater boost to XP and gold. While you were able to earn 25% more XP and gold in September, you now get a 35% bonus.

    How long does the event last? The event starts today, Monday, November 20th at 7 p.m. and runs until November 27th. This means you have seven days to farm XP and gold. This is useful for bringing characters to level 100 or for preparing for upcoming events.

    In addition to various events, a new expansion for Diablo 4 was also announced. However, this should not come until the end of 2024:

    Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred – Teaser Trailer

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    Bonus XP and Gold for everyone

    Who gets the bonus? All Diablo 4 players. You get the bonus on the eternal realm, in the seasonal realms and on all world levels. You can also read that in the post on X (formerly Twitter) on the Diablo account:

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    Translation: The power of hell is growing. Yours must too.
    Get 35% more gold and experience points on all world tiers and realms during Mother’s Blessing Week.

    This bonus is stackable – meaning it’s even worth it if you consume additional potions and play in a group to maximize your experience.

    That’s why it’s worth it right now: The bonus is not only worth it to bring characters to level 100, or to test new classes and builds, to complete the Battle Pass or to advance the season journey.

    The bonus is particularly useful with regard to upcoming endgame events, for which you can now prepare perfectly.

    The “Abbatoir of Zir” event is coming to Diablo 4 on December 5th. This activity is intended to be accessible to anyone who has completed the Season Journey in Season 2 and is looking for another challenge.

    However, this challenge should be pretty tough:

    Another event starts on December 12th in Diablo 4. There, the “Shattered Peaks” zone will be transformed into a “Winter Terrorland”, the counterpart of the regular Winter Wonderland. You can also secure a few rewards there:

    Diablo 4 announces a winter event for Season 2: The Midwinter Plague is coming

    Are you taking the XP and gold bonus with you, or are you already done with the season? Feel free to leave us a comment.