start of registration of Congolese voters in three countries

start of registration of Congolese voters in three countries

The registration of voters continues before the electoral deadlines, in particular the presidential election on December 20, 2023.

As a reminder, the country has been divided into three main zones. The voter registration operations for the first zone, which concerns the western provinces, started on December 24 and was due to end on January 23, but the operations were extended by 25 days by the Electoral Commission since only one third of the voters concerned were able to enlist. The operations nevertheless begin as planned on January 25 in the second zone which includes 9 provinces including those of Kasai and Katanga, but also – and this is a first abroad – in three countries.

This vote of Congolese living abroad is provided for by the electoral law, but it has never been organized so far for material reasons. For this election, the Electoral Commission has decided to launch the experiment in five countries: Canada and the United States in America, Belgium and France in Europe and South Africa on the continent. The last three countries mentioned are those which open the enlistment ball this Wednesday.

According to the CENI, the registration centers must be directly located in the embassies and will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time until the end of operations. In this case, for this second zone, it is February 23. An obviously free registration as for all enrollments outside and inside the country.

For the last two countries concerned by this first out-of-country voting experiment, the United States and Canada, enrollment must begin at the same time as the third and final zone, which concerns a large part of the east of the ground floor. So it will be from February 16 to March 17.

Deputy Delly Sesanga candidate

The president of the Envol party, who recently visited several cities in the Congolese territory, announced it yesterday in Lisala. He returns to the reasons which, according to him, motivate this candidacy.