Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Leaked

Disney Uncertain on Star Wars Outlaws Release Date

The Star Wars Outlaws release date was leaked in a trailer description from Ubisoft Japan, and the game will be released on August 30.

Star Wars Outlaws release date, was accidentally shared in a trailer description on the Ubisoft Japan YouTube channel. Accordingly, the game will meet game lovers on August 30. Although it is not known how Ubisoft made this mistake, it was stated that players who purchase the Gold or Ultimate version of the game will receive three days early access, as well as other digital content.

Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Leaked: When Will the Game Be Released?

Additionally, the Star Wars Outlaws story trailer is expected to be released today at 19:00 EST. Advantages such as early access and digital content are expected to increase interest in the Gold or Ultimate versions of the game.

Update: Star Wars Outlaws trailer coming in a few hours Here will be published.

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Star Wars Outlaws introduces players to Kay Vess, an anti-hero struggling to survive in the galactic underworld. The main story follows an adventure in which Kay leads one of the biggest heists to take place in the Outer Rim. During the game, Kay will have to deal with the Empire’s vast reach, the threats of various Syndicates, and issues from her own past. During this difficult period, Kay plans to use the profits from the robbery to leave his dark past behind and start a new life.