Star Wars Outlaws Preview

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

In our Star Wars Outlaws preview article, we take a closer look at the open world game that will be released at the end of August.

Thanks to the information given at a special event organized by Ubisoft recently, it will be released on August 30. Star Wars Outlaws to your game preliminary examination We had the chance to do it. I am very excited to share what we were told and what we saw. Let me start sharing quickly without keeping you waiting.

Star Wars Outlaws First Look

Outlaws, the first open world game set in the Star Wars universe, takes us to a galaxy far, far away. The adventure, which takes place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, offers us the story of Kay Vess and her formidable assistant Nix.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

Star Wars Outlaws Story

To begin with, this is a bit different from the Star Wars stories we know. While we play Kay Vess, a character who tries to be on the good side, we also have to experience her lawlessness and survive among the most ruthless lords of the galaxy.

The rebels retreated into the background after losing the battle of Hoth. The Empire is gaining more and more power in the galaxy, but this is creating a space for criminal activity and criminal organizations. Kay, who we can call a bandit, thief or outlaw, has the most suitable environment to steal his biggest dream: a spaceship.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview - 2

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

Star Wars Outlaws introduces us to Kay Vess, a fugitive trying to survive in the galactic underworld. While Kay attempts to pull off one of the biggest heists in the Outer Rim, she has a plan to defeat the reach of the Empire, the clutches of the Syndicates, and the legacy of her past. One of his biggest dreams is to start a new life with the earnings he obtained from the robbery.

Kay must navigate the underworld and various criminal organizations, making choices that will affect her reputation, experience, and support throughout the game. You will gain various friends and enemies depending on the tasks you complete. Of course, it is also possible that this will result in rewards being placed on your head. The idea of ​​being stalked by the galaxy’s notorious criminals sounds exciting enough.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview - 3

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

Considering the story’s place in the Star Wars universe, I believe Star Wars Outlaws will be a single production, like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This means that the narrative has to be very strong, which from what I saw proved to be a well-crafted story on this subject.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay

Although Kay has many tools that he can use during the game, such as a grappling hook, only his gun was shown to us in the presentation. The first use of the blaster, which has three modules, appears as the plasma module. Although it is the most preferred module for dealing damage, there are situations where it does not work or is less useful. For example, an enemy using a shield. In such cases, the ion module becomes especially effective against disabling shields or overcharging droids. Third and lastly, there is the stun module. Sometimes there are situations where we need to proceed by simply knocking out our enemy without causing any confusion. Under such conditions, the most ideal appears to be the stun module. However, the weapon has a cooldown after use. For this reason, we need to prefer to be used strategically rather than using whatever comes our way.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview - 4

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

And of course, there is our companion Nixx. It compensates for the shortcomings of our hero. Nixx is always there to support Kay, with some unique skills that complement the situation perfectly, from helping survey the area to fetching a weapon or item, providing a distraction, or even jumping into battle with you.


The Relic

We saw three tasks in the section shown to us. The first of these was to infiltrate the Crimson Dawn region to gain allies and retrieve the items stolen from the Yashiga Clan in the rubble.

The Wreck

Part of the second mission reminded me of the famous train scene in Uncharted. You had to escape a collapsing wreck, which we entered in order to retrieve a tracker navigator. We were able to achieve the result by running in a non-stop race with a very high level of excitement.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview - 5

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

False Flag

In the last mission, we enter the depths of space. We engaged in a dogfight against the Imperial Forces patrolling here and the Tie Fighters with our own ship, the Trailblazer. But not in an empty space. As we move forward, among the wreckage of previously blown-up ships and wars, we must try to survive and destroy our enemy.

Sometimes there are points we need to pay attention to while performing tasks. For example, no alarms should be set off. That’s why the fainting feature of the gun I mentioned above is very useful to us. Sometimes our fists. However, we should not forget our close friend Nixx. It often provides us with great advantages in completing our tasks. Like distracting a Stormtrooper, for example.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview - 6

Star Wars Outlaws Preview

Star Wars Outlaws also has a reputation and wanted system. The reputation system updates itself depending on the decisions we make and the tasks we undertake. In the demo I saw, the phrase “Wanted” suddenly appeared on the screen after a completed mission. The Grand Theft Auto series came to my mind for a moment. I couldn’t help but wonder if “Busted” would be written when we die.

Interaction with the Environment

Even though the game is open world, I experienced some difficulties in communicating with the environment. Our interaction with the environment seems to go no further than shooting and exploding oil barrels around us. Of course, this may also be related to the limited demo we saw. However, it seemed a little strange that an Imperial officer who had fallen on the control panel after being shot was standing there without making any impact.

When I think of the environment, planets also come to mind. Ubisoft wasn’t kidding when it said it was building a massive open-world Star Wars game. Although Outlaws have preferred closed areas for missions, we can travel around planets by jumping on our spaceship Trailblazer.

Star Wars Outlaws Preview - 7

Star Wars Outlaws Preview


I don’t know if there is a need to write much about this: After all, it is a Star Wars game. Whatever I see will make me happy. However, I was very impressed by the huge landscapes in the intertwined story that we can progress both individually and by using vehicles. Also, sailing with our ship in the endless void of space seems very enjoyable. But I have to say that all of this is from the third perspective. I don’t think I would prefer a different perspective in a Star Wars game.

The trace left by the bullet when we fire and the reflections that appear in the explosions are quite impressive. The burns that occur in front of our ship as it enters the atmosphere of a planet have not been neglected. Although graphically it looks like the 2010s, I will see the real experience when I install it on my computer.