Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Video Released

The gameplay video for Star Wars Outlaws, which will be released on August 30 as Ubisoft’s new open world game, has been released.

French game studio Ubisoft shared the gameplay video of Star Wars Outlaws, the next big Star Wars game. The shared clip shows that the game will offer an exciting adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Video Reveals Open World

Outlaws will be released on August 30 and will feature smuggler Kay Vess as the main protagonist and her trusty pet and sidekick Nix. The game will feature an open world that offers players the opportunity to travel from one planet to another in search of quests and loot.

The gameplay trailer released by Ubisoft shows that players will have to use stealth tactics to avoid being caught by the Empire. As in the Assassin’s Creed series, stealth and strategy will be at the forefront. However, Outlaws aims to offer an experience beyond being an Assassin’s Creed clone with Star Wars paint on it.

Exciting Dogfights in Space

Gameplay footage looks great showing Kay Vess during firefights or trying to sneak past enemies. However, the scenes where characters engage in aerial dogfights in space are where the game really sells itself. While trying to escape from the imperial forces with spaceships, the beauty of the galaxy on the screen attracts attention.