Star Trek boss has bad news for the long-awaited series request

Star Trek boss has bad news for the long awaited series

“Make it like that!“, many a sci-fi fan would like to call out to those responsible at Paramount+ when it comes to… Star Trek: Legacy goes. Never heard? No wonder, because the title is about a format that doesn’t even exist yet – except in the minds of Trekkies.

Since last year, the Trekkie desire for the spin-off series has been great. Unfortunately, franchise captain Alex Kurtzman recently had to put a depressing damper on all the enthusiasm.

What does the current Star Trek boss say about the potential spin-off with a new crew?

Kurtzman spoke to Den of Geek and said he would grant fans the series wish in a heartbeat if he could. But there is an annoying space catch:

If I had a magic button, a magic greenlight button for Star Trek: Legacy, and it was just me, I would press that button immediately.
This is currently beyond my pay grade.

As the head producer behind the current incarnation of Star Trek, Kurtzman has some decision-making authority, but not absolute power. As in Starfleet, there is a chain of command with a few admirals in the Paramount executive suite who also have a say in finances. Especially if you have already planned new projects for the coming years, like Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.

What is Star Trek: Legacy and who should be shot into space for it?

The idea for another spin-off was brought to life by the 3rd and final season of Star Trek: Picard, which took place in 2023 and fired fans into the nostalgia center with full energy. This is how the (almost) entire crew from Star Trek: The Next Century returned, the popular Enterprise-D was dusted off again and the Borg Queen from the most popular Next Generation film was also borrowed again.

Scene from Star Trek: Picard


The Picard season finally ended with Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) meeting Raffi musicians (Michelle Hurd) and Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers), the son of Jean-Luc (Patrick Stewart) and Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), as the newly minted crew of the Enterprise-G. So the idea for Star Trek: Legacy is a classic set-up with competent crew on spaceship missionsas we have known it since the original Star Trek series.

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The man behind the Star Trek spin-off that Trekkies currently want

Star Trek fans who long for Legacy don’t just want the spin-off with Captain Seven and her illustrious Starfleet crew. Many fans especially wish that showrunner Terry Matalas returned the story experiments of the first two Picard seasons to more familiar and comfortable story areas for his own season.

In an interview with TrekMovie, however, Matalas was also moderately optimistic at best:

First of all there is nothing [über Legacy] to say, I wish this was different – but yeah, there were a lot of potential storylines that we talked about from the beginning. And it would be such a great opportunity. […] They have the Star Trek they’re making now and only a certain budget in the streaming space. […] We look forward to whatever the Star Trek universe brings… and never say never.

Without a free wish from the almighty Q, Star Trek: Legacy won’t work, as it looks. At least not in the near future.