standoff between New Delhi and the American giant Meta over WhatsApp

standoff between New Delhi and the American giant Meta over

India’s central government requires the WhatsApp app to break message encryption during certain important investigations. The platform firmly refuses in the name of user privacy and even says it is ready to stop its services in India if it were forced to do so.

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With our correspondent in Bangalore, Como Bastin

The affair began in 2021, when the government Indian adopted digital laws, requiring platforms with more than 500,000 users to bring the authors of certain messages to justice. WhatsApp, which guarantees complete confidentiality, then turned to the Delhi High Court.

Balance between privacy and security

Before the Court, WhatsApp had to provide solutions to identify the authors of messages related to national security, rape or pornography. The government has clarified that this will only be asked when there are no other solutions and called for a balance between privacy and security.

The Meta group platform which brings together Facebook and Instagram firmly refused. WhatsApp relies on encryption technology that ensures that only the sender and receiver of a message have access to it. “ If we are ordered to break encryption, then WhatsApp will disappear “, said the group’s lawyer.

Pressure on social networks

The Indian government is exerting strong pressure against social networks in the country. Under threat, Twitter has resolved since 2023 to delete certain messages on government orders. Chinese app TikTok was banned in 2021.

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