Stade Français – Racing 92: follow the match – LIVE

Stade Francais Racing 92 follow the match LIVE

At the end of the 21st day of Top 14, the Stade Français Paris welcomes Racing 92, in Jean-Bouin, for an electric derby in the Ile-de-France. Regional supremacy is at stake on this Sunday, March 26, as are places for the final phase of the championship.

Score Stade Français

French Stadium


Score Racing

Racing 92


21:24 – The Sky and White have the opportunity to regain the advantage in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (14th)

The Parisian defense anticipates their rise. This is a second offside whistled by Mr. Raynal. The Garrec takes the points at the foot.

21:23 – Segonds leaves his camp cleanly (13th)

In numerical superiority, Paris decides to stay in the frame. The opener releases the ball at his 40 yards.

21:22 – Segonds equalizes in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (12th)

Precise, the Parisian striker does not tremble and brings his people back! We gauge ourselves in this Stade Français – Racing 92.

21:20 – Poloniati receives a yellow card in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (11th)

The second row of Racing 92 is doing well on this action. He avoids red thanks to an extenuating circumstance, his partner saved him. Paris inherits a penalty, 22 meters away, on the right side.

9:18 p.m. – Mr. Raynal makes a first video call in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (11th)

On a two-man tackle, Briatte remains on the ground. He is bleeding from the nose. Poloniati hit the Parisian with his shoulder.

21:18 – Racing 92 remains under pressure (10th)

Behind his ruck, Le Garrec finds a touch just after his 22 meters. Paris wins the battle for territory.

21:17 – The Racingmen defend well at the start of Stade Français – Racing 92 (9th)

The Parisian forwards, after a good charge from Delbouis, end up in touch in the opposing 22 meters. They were well maneuvered by the Sky and White.

21:16 – Racing 92 messes up the dismissal (8th)

On a short dismissal, Le Garrec achieves a forward. Paris gets a scrum in the center of the field, on the 40-meter line of Racing 92.

21:15 – Le Garrec passes the first points of this French Stadium – Racing 92 (7th)

The Racing 92 striker does not tremble and opens the scoring! Visitors take advantage.

21:14 – The Racingmen have a first opportunity in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (7th)

On the sidelines, the Parisian defense is taken in an offside position. It is a penalty for Racing 92, 40 meters from the Parisian poles.

21:13 – Barré catches up in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (6th)

On the cover, on a kick from Gibert, the back of Paris made a mark. He finds a touch at the center line. This Stade Français – Racing 92 is closed for the moment.

21:12 – Barré unscrews his kicking game (5th)

Without pressure, the rear is missing. The Ciel et Blancs benefit from a touch in the Paris camp. This is the visitors’ first offensive.

21:12 – The two teams exchange the ball (4th)

Both teams use and abuse the kicking game at the start of the game.

21:11 – The Sky and White win the first battle in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (3rd)

The Racingmen defended their line well more. Spring, who anticipated well, made a mark on a game at the foot of Segonds.

21:10 – Letien advances his team in this French Stadium – Racing 92 (3rd)

This is the first long-term offensive. Shifted on his wing, the winger from Paris returns to the edge of the 22 meters of Ciel et Blanc.