Stade Français – Racing 92: at 15 against 14, the Ile-de-France residents take out the Stadistes

Stade Francais Racing 92 at 15 against 14 the

STADE FRANÇAIS – RACING 92. In a match rich in emotions marked by the expulsion of Kremer in the first minutes, Racing 92 emerged victorious (20-33) and eliminated Stade Français in the Top 14 play-offs.

4:30 p.m. – End of the live!

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16:25 – The second barrage tomorrow

While the first play-off took place today with the victory of Racing 92 against Stade Français, the second will take place this Sunday June 4 at 9:05 p.m. It will oppose Lyon to Bordeaux-Bègles.

16:20 – The last of Quesada

This Top 14 barrage was Gonzalo Quesada’s last game at the helm of Stade Français. The Argentinian will be replaced next season by Laurent Labit.

16:15 – The fundamental Kremer expulsion

While Racing 92 won 20-33 at the Jean Bouin stadium, the first Top 14 barrage took another turn from the first minutes when Marcos Kremer was the author of an illegal clearing on Finn Russell. The third Parisian line was excluded for this gesture in the fifth minute. If the players of Gonzalo Quesada took time to make their mark at 14 against 15, Juan Imhoff then Wenceslas Lauret allowed the Parisians to lead 17-3 fairly quickly. If the Stadistes came back up before half-time, the indiscipline of the Stade Français cost dearly with three penalties in the second half. If Sekou Macalou and his partners gave their all in the last minutes, their hopes were dashed by Gaël Fickou in the 79th minute of play.

16:10 – A half against Toulouse on the program

After eliminating Stade Français in the play-offs, Racing 92 will face Stade Toulousain on Friday June 9. The meeting will take place in San Sebastian, Spain.

16:06 – Racing 92 eliminates Stade Français and qualifies for the semi-finals!

In a match rich in emotions marked by the expulsion of Kremer in the first minutes, Racing 92 emerged victorious (20-33) and eliminated Stade Français in the Top 14 play-offs.

16:05 – The try is granted (20-33)!

As the try is finally awarded, Finn Russell converts the try.

16:04 – Video tryout

While Gaël Fickou celebrated his test, Pierre Brousset is reviewing the test on video for a possible forward.

16:02 – Fickou puts an end to Parisian hopes! (20-31)

After a mess in the five meters, Gaël Fickou recovers the ball and comes to flatten the ball under the posts. There is less than a minute left in regulation time.

16:01 – A touch within 5 meters

After a cleverly dropped kick, the Stadistes will have to relaunch with a touch within five meters.

15:55 – What scratching from Lauret!

The defensive efforts of Wenceslas Lauret are rewarded. The Parisian scratched the ball in his 22 meters allowing Racing 92 to revive.

15:54 – Parisians wake up

As in the first period, the players of Gonzalo Quesada wake up in the last minutes. Witness this pass after contact which ends in the arms of Morgan Parra who sneaks into the 22 meters in the Ile-de-France region.

15:53 ​​– Penalty for Stade Français

On a closed scrum, the Parisian pack recovers a penalty before Parra brings the ball back to 45 meters on the right.

15:51 – Fear for Stade Français!

On the return kick, the Racing players recovered the ball but it was without counting on the vigilance of the stadium back to push the ball into touch.

15:49 – Segonds transforms (20-26)

Joris Segonds scored the first points for Stade Français in this second period with this penalty.

15:48 – Touch to come for the Parisians

As the Parisians try to come back to the score, they are rewarded with a penalty within 22 meters. If they hesitate to convert or go into touch, Segonds will finally try the penalty.

15:45 – Parisians go ahead

As Ward snuck in, the center attempted to reach over to pass the ball, but was unsuccessful. Arrate attempts a kick for himself on the sidelines on the left but is blocked.

15:43 – The ovation for Morgan Parra

After a penalty for Stade Français and a penalty-touch, Morgan Parra enters for the last quarter of an hour of play and replaces Arthur Coville.

15:41 – Woki important

After the touch, Cameron Woki scratches a ball and allows Racing to recover the ball. After the whistle, Nadir Megdoud replaces Peniasi Dakuwaqa.

15:40 – Bold Imhoff

Shifted by Spring, Juan Imhoff tries to overflow on the left but Sekou Macalou had followed well to push the Argentinian into touch.

15:39 – Forward against the Stadistes

While Finn Russell attempted a 50:22 but it was without counting on the vigilance of Dakuwaqa, the Stadistes were penalized after a forward while Moses Alo-Emile was replaced by Vasil Kakovin.

15:36 – New replacements

Lester Etien comes out for Pierre-Henri Azagoh on the side of the Stadistes. For the Parisians, Warrick Gelant and Cedate Gomes Sa replaced Donovan Taofifenua and Trevor Nyakane.

15:35 – Stadistes penalized

While Dakuwaqa had slipped into the Ile-de-France camp, the winger passed the ball to his back Hamdaoui before the Ciel et Blanc defense got back well and locked up Sekou Macalou, sanctioned for not having released the ball.

15:32 – Many changes to the program

For Racing 92, Antoine Gilbert and Anthime Hemery replace Nolann Le Garrec and Ibrahima Diallo while Lucas Peyresblanques took the place of Mickaël Ivaldi.

15:31 – Racing breaks away (17-26)

Finn Russell again transforms the penalty facing the posts and now gives Racing a nine-point lead. A comfortable advance.