St. Patrick’s Day: 7 things to know about this Irish holiday

St Patricks Day 7 things to know about this Irish

In Ireland, Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17. During this religious holiday that has become a national holiday, the Irish dress in green and pay homage to the songs, dances, dishes and drinks of Celtic culture!

[Mise à jour du 17 mars 2023 à 16h40]. Christian holiday which celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day took place this year on Friday, March 17, 2023, Officially recognized as a legal holiday since 1607, it allows Irish people to celebrate the history and culture of their country and is now celebrated around the world. Kate and William at the London fashion show, origin of St. Patrick’s Day... We tell you all about the symbols and traditions of this Irish holiday, celebrated around the world.

What is the date of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Like every year, St. Patrick’s Day takes place on March 17. This year, we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this Friday, March 17, 2023. March 17 is also a public holiday in irelandsince 1903. Moreover, when St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday, the public holiday is moved to Monday, to allow Irish citizens to still enjoy this public holiday.

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Like every year, Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by making an appearance alongside the Irish Guards, who marched on March 17 in a district of south London. Prince William was Colonel of the Irish Guards for a long time, but by becoming Prince of Wales and therefore Colonel of the Welsh Guard, he lost this title and it was his wife who inherited it! Very elegant in her turquoise coat, the Princess of Wales took her role very seriously by reviewing the troops.

Kate Middleton on St. Patrick’s Day © Jackson Chris/PA Wire/ABACA

What is the origin of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is credited with the evangelization of Ireland. Indeed, during a sermon at the rock of Cashel, he would have explained the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish through a shamrock. Hence the fact that the shamrock has become the symbol of Ireland.

Who was Saint Patrick?

Maewyn Succat, better known as Saint Patrick, was born in 387 in an English or Scottish village. After spending part of his life in introduce the Christian religion to the Irishhe retired to Northern Ireland where he died on March 17, 461. St. Patrick then became the founder of Christianity in Ireland.

What is the history of Saint Patrick’s Day?

In the 4th century, after being kidnapped by pirates at the age of 16, he was sold into slavery in Ireland. Saint Patrick then became a shepherd (sheep breeder), then a priest.

Why is the clover the symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day?

To explain to the Irish that the God of Christians exists in 3 forms (The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), St. Patrick would have used the shamrock. The whole clover represented God and each leaf, one of his forms. Other plants were used to explain the same thing as the strawberry leaf.

On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, children can participate in the celebration. Admittedly, beer won’t be in the spotlight, but why not color in clover, or make a leprechauns hat ? here are some Ideas for activities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with children:

What are the traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day?

  • Every year, the Irish put a shamrock in their buttonhole to remember the religious teaching of Saint Patrick.
  • Many Irish also wear on this day a Leprechaun hat (small creatures born from Irish folklore, dressed in green and wearing a cobbler’s apron) or/and green clothes (color attributed to Ireland).
  • Music, dancing and beer (Irish) accompany this festive day.
  • Saint Patrick’s Day is also an occasion for the Irish to celebrate the arrival of spring.