Spring is late – new snowfall awaits

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Facts: Weather warnings

Yellow warning: The weather may have consequences for society and pose certain risks to the public. Disruptions in some social functions are expected.

Orange warning: May involve serious consequences for society, danger to the public and serious damage to property and the environment. Disruptions in social functions are expected.

Red Alert: Very serious consequences for society and great danger to the public. Extensive disruptions in social functions are expected.

Source: SMHI

Monday’s yellow weather warnings about snowfall apply to large parts of Svealand, northernmost Värmland and large parts of Dalarna as well as the coastal areas of Västernorrland and southern Västerbotten.

Precipitation is expected to start as snow, but in some places it may also come as rain.

“In Norrland it’s pretty much only snow, in Svealand it starts as snow, but then towards the evening there will probably be a division with rain in the south and snowfall in the north-west over northern Värmland up over large parts of Dalarna,” says Lars Knutsson.

Where snow or rain awaits, you must be careful if you go out on the roads.

— There may be some disruption in traffic, says Lars Knutsson.

Along large parts of Sweden’s coast, SMHI has issued yellow gale warnings on Monday. Also on Tuesday there are gale warnings from Elsinore up to Åland.

Gale warnings are nothing unusual during the winter, according to Knutsson. The wind can affect shipping and smaller boats to some extent.