Spotlight hour today with lilminip and candies

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Spotlight Hour with Lilminip kicks off in Pokémon GO today, November 22nd. Here we show you everything about the bonuses, shinys and times of the event.

What is this event? Tuesday evening is the fixed date for spotlight hours in Pokémon GO. At the beginning of each month, Niantic announces which Pokémon will be the focus of these hours. For 60 minutes you will find them particularly often in the wilderness on the dates. Then there is a bonus.

Today the focus is on Lilminip and it is accompanied by a candy bonus. We will show you all the details in our overview and explain who the event is worth today.

Spotlight Hour on November 22 – Launch, Bonuses, Shiny

When does it start? As you know from these events, the spotlight hour starts at 18:00 local time today. It is then active for one hour and ends at 19:00.

What bonuses are there? During the event, you will encounter Lilminip almost everywhere in the wild. If you want, you can activate a smoke and attract even more Pokémon of this type.

The event is accompanied by a bonus. For sending Pokemon, you get double the amount of candy.

Another spotlight hour awaits you after Lilminip in November:

Pokémon GO: All Spotlight Hours in November 2022 and their bonuses

Is there Shiny Lilminip? No, the dazzling version of Lilminip has not yet been unlocked in Pokémon GO. You can’t catch them at the event today.

Is today’s spotlight worth it? Neither Lilminip nor its further development Dressella are interesting as attackers in the game. It’s a good idea to use the spotlight hour to clean up your collection. Because when you send Pokémon, you get twice as many candies as usual.