Spotify withdraws its car mode without offering a replacement

Spotify withdraws its car mode without offering a replacement

If you were used to listening to Spotify in the car, your habits may be turned upside down. The platform has just confirmed the removal of Auto mode from its application. Already missing from the Android version (but for the moment still available under iOS), this mode allows you to use the Spotify application via a simplified interface reducing distractions while driving. The information was confirmed by a Spotify moderator on the service’s support pages.

“We are actively exploring new possibilities to provide the best in-car listening experience” indicates the moderator in response to a New Zealand Premium subscriber surprised to no longer have access to auto mode.

The auto mode is therefore withdrawing, but Spotify could obviously offer other solutions to replace this simplified interface. If no replacement solution is currently offered, the removal of Auto mode in Spotify is ultimately not really a surprise. The main navigation applications, such as Google Maps or Waze, natively make it possible to configure a streaming listening service that it is then possible to control via an integrated mini-player directly on the map during navigation.

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In the response published to the New Zealand user, the Spotify moderator invites him to use his hands free and to use Google Assistant to listen to his music without having to manipulate the application.

Source: Engadget