Spotify announced a new event; HiFi expectation is quite high

Spotify announced a new event HiFi expectation is quite high

We are now in 2023, but it is still expected Spotify HiFi did not come. Here is exactly the important information about it coming soon it could be.

Spotify HiFi subscription package February 22, 2021 on the “is coming” was officially announced. No specific date was given in this announcement. It was said to be released at the end of 2021.I. However January 12, 2023 As of today, the HiFi package has not yet made its debut. One of the most recent statements on this subject was as follows: “We know that HiFi quality sound is important to you. We feel the same and we are excited to bring the Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future. However, we don’t have any timing details to share yet.

The HiFi package came up again today because the company Announced that it will hold a Stream On event on March 8. At this event, it is now expected that the HiFi package will be available or a clear release date for the package will be shared. In the past months, there has been a release for Spotify’s highly anticipated HiFi package. “Platinum” Turns out he had a plan. This is what we learned thanks to a survey that Spotify sent to an unsubscribed person. Platinum subscription package included HiFi option and then It was priced at $20 per month.


Unlike its competitors, it seems to sell high quality music enjoyment at a higher price. Spotifyto the aforementioned Platinum package “Studio Sound, custom headphone settings, Pro library, Pro playlist and custom podcast episodes” It is also making plans to put some extras such as