Sportlust ’46 stunt in the cup, Spakenburg eliminates DOVO, IJsselmeervogels loses after penalties

Sportlust 46 stunt in the cup Spakenburg eliminates DOVO IJsselmeervogels

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Veenendaal – Sportlust’46 caused a stunt in the second preliminary round of the KNVB Cup by eliminating Quick Boys. Spakenburg won the regional derby against DOVO 1-0. IJsselmeervogels lost to Hoek after penalties.

Sportlust stunt in Katwijk

Third divisionist Sportlust’46 from Woerden caused a stunt in Katwijk by eliminating Quick Boys, the number three of the second division. At halftime it was 1-0 thanks to a goal by Bram Franken. Fifteen minutes after the break, Achmad Al Mahdi equalized Sportlust’46.

In the remainder of the second half, the home side had the best chances. While everyone had already resigned themselves to extra time, Mo Bendadi Sportlust shot into the main tournament in the dying seconds.

“We were under pressure in the last twenty minutes, otherwise we were equal”, says Sportlust trainer Jochem Twisker.

Spakenburg wins regional derby

Second divisionist Spakenburg took the lead after half an hour against DOVO, which plays one division lower in Veenendaal. It was a goal according to the proven Blue recipe: Vince Gino Dekker crossed, Floris van der Linden headed the ball.

In the remainder of the first half, DOVO was close to equalizing via Yannick Zeeman and Guido van Dijk, but Spakenburg led 0-1 at halftime.

After the break, it was mainly Spakenburg that got the chances, but they also missed them. DOVO therefore remained in the game. However, the equalizer failed to materialize, which means that Spakenburg qualifies for the main tournament of the KNVB cup.

DOVO – Spakenburg 0-1 (0-1)
0-1 Floris van der Linden (30)

IJsselmeervogels down after penalties

IJsselmeervogels was the better team against Hoek but did not score in the first half. Kian Visser and Mitch Willems close, but Hoek goalkeeper Knipping stayed upright. On the other hand, Vogelsgoalkeeper Jaimy Schaap also had to act, so that the halftime score was 0-0.

In the second half Kevin Sterling was close to 1-0, and a little later Alexander Embrechts was close to 0-1. Fifteen minutes before the end, the Vogels were unlucky when Kian Visser hit the post from a free kick. It remained 0-0, the first time this season that the Vogels kept a clean sheet in 90 minutes.

The best chances for IJsselmeervogels were also in the first half of extra time, but Sterling and Willems once again found Knipping on their way. It was 0-0 after 120 minutes, and penalties had to decide.

Mike van de Laar, Khalid Tadmine and Adil Haian scored for the Vogels in the penalty shootout. Jordy Ruizendaal missed at 3-3. With a score of 4-4, Hoek goalkeeper Lars Knipping was able to shoot his team to the main tournament, but he failed face to face with colleague Jaimy Schaap.

In the penalty shootout, the Zeelanders drew the longest straw, as a result of which IJsselmeervogels is eliminated.

IJsselmeervogels – Corner 0-0 (5-6 after penalties)
Mike van de Laar 1-0
Rick Impens 1-1
Khalid Tadmine 2-1
Tom Vermeire 2-2
Adil Haian 3-2
Mohammad Jabar Zada ​​3-3
Jordy Ruizendaal is missing
Alexander Embrechts 3-4
Christos Ibrahim 4-4
Lars Knipping is missing
Mitch Willems misses
Arthur Zimmerman 4-4
Miquel Ramdas misses
Gertjan Martens 5-6