Spooky purchases worth billions – Halloween shopping is on the rise

Halloween falls on Tuesday, the holiday that has gone from an obscure import phenomenon to turning over billions.

This year, eight out of ten households with children will celebrate Halloween, and the total turnover is estimated to be around SEK 1.5 billion. That is an increase of 25 percent from last year.

– Last year there was great uncertainty with expected interest rate increases and a prevailing electricity crisis. This year we have the cards on the table and we know where we stand. I think that when you focus on a lot of other things, Halloween can be a small light in the darkness, says Hans Tjernström Carraro, head of communications at Svensk Handel.

Boost for discount stores

Most people do their Halloween shopping at grocery stores, but this year discount stores are getting a big boost. The percentage who answer that they will shop in such a store has gone from 27 percent last year to 50 percent this year.

Among this year’s bestsellers is the ghost mask from the movie Scream, but wigs and advanced make-up are also popular.

– I’m going to dress up for the plague, says Liam Jonasson, customer at Buttericks.

How do you look then?

– Like a crow, sort of.

In the late 80s, the store Buttericks brought the Halloween trend to Sweden. The owner was inspired by the USA and created a unique horror corner in the store in Stockholm.

– Then they looked a lot at the USA, where it is a bit more cheerful and more masked. We Swedes have a fondness for vampires and ghosts, says Stina Petrini, business development manager at Buttericks.