Speedrunner finds an ultra-rare item in the middle of a record attempt and sells it immediately

The Twitch streamer Kano specializes in speedruns in Diablo 2 and Diablo 4. In total, he has spent over 3,000 hours playing these games on Twitch. After all this time, he has now been rewarded with an ultra-rare drop.

What kind of record attempt was that? The speedrunner “Kano” and his assassin tried to set a world record in Diablo 2: Resurrected on February 7, 2024. The Australian is one of the game’s leading speedrunners (via speedrun.com).

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Streamer finds rare item after more than 3,000 hours

What did he find there? In the middle of a dungeon and surrounded by enemies, the streamer discovered something glittering among all the loot: a Zod rune. This ultra-rare item drops in Diablo 2 at best with a chance of 1:2.9 million (via d2runewizard).

The Zod Rune is widely accepted as the rarest item in the game, although some see the unique armor Tyrael’s Might ahead. For Kano, it wasn’t just the rarest rune he’s ever received in a speedrun. He says it was his first Zod rune ever – with over 3,000 hours in Diablo 2 on Twitch alone (via TwitchTracker).

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What did the streamer do with his sweetheart? Ever the speedrunner, Kano didn’t pause for long to enjoy the moment and his rare loot. Rather, he quickly fled and immediately sold the rare piece to the nearest dealer for 35,000 gold.

Despite its incredible rarity, the Zod rune is only of limited use and can only be used for 2 rune words: “Breath of the Dying” and “Possession”. So for Kano at that moment it was probably just more valuable to be liquid. Unfortunately, despite this financial injection, it wasn’t enough to set a new world record.

Such rare items also play a role in the D2 grandchild, Diablo 4. The probability of receiving one of the coveted “uniques” is devilishly low. It’s all the more annoying when you hold the good piece in your hands and realize that it’s not that great after all:

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