Special: Reading Day with Twelve Female Writers

On the occasion of National Reading Day in France, Friday March 10, 2023, special programming. “I read, you read, you read” and they read. They, like the twelve writers chosen in this anthology, twelve voices of authors, recently received on the show, reading an extract from their books: from the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature Annie Ernaux to Véronique Ovaldé via Titaua Peu among others.

Author readings in order of appearance:

* Annie Ernaux “The event” (Gallimard)

* Yasmine Khlat “The Lady of Alexandria” (Elyzad)

* Emma Becker “Misconduct” (Albin Michel)

* Mina Namous “Love, exterior night” (Dalva)

* Minh Tran Huy “A child without stories” (Actes Sud)

* Véronique Ovaldé “Angry girl on a stone bench” (Flammarion)

* Julie Ruocco “Furies” (Actes Sud)

* Titaua Peu “Mutismes” (Windward of the Islands)

* Audrée Wilhelmy “White Resin” (Grasset)

* Touhfat Mouhtare “The middle fire” (The noise of the world)

* Raozy Pellerin “Bibiche” (Plon)

* Olivia Rosenthal “A monkey at my window” (Verticals)

National reading day poster