Special investigator: Biden will not be indicted because he is an “old man with a bad memory” – Biden got nervous, but name-calling continues | Foreign countries

Joe Biden says he will respond to the attack that

Specialist investigator Robert Hur has decided not to indict the President of the United States Joe Biden against. Biden had kept in his warehouse some of the secret documents and other confidential material he had obtained during his time as vice president.

According to Huri, it cannot be proven that Biden would have consciously wanted to keep secret material. Biden gave the materials away as soon as they were found.

Huri’s resolution has immediately raised an uproar, as he questions the mental state of the 81-year-old Biden.

– We also note that Mr. Biden would probably appear at the court hearing, as during the investigation, as a sympathetic, well-intentioned elderly man with a bad memory, Hur writes in his report published on Thursday.

– It would be difficult to get a jury to convict him – at that point the ex-president, who was well over 80 years old – of a serious crime, which requires a mental state that enables purposefulness, Hur continues.

Huri’s statement has been met with consternation among Biden’s supporters. It is considered to fall directly on Biden’s likely opponent in the upcoming presidential election Donald Trump’s to the lair.

Hur is known to be the former attorney general of the state of Maryland, who was appointed by Trump. Biden’s high age is a key factor in the ongoing election campaign.

Biden got nervous

President Biden answered questions from the media Thursday night. He assured me that his memory was perfectly fine.

Biden also said he was the best person to lead the country. He stated that he is not going to step aside and let other Democratic politicians compete for the presidency.

Huri’s report also includes an indication that Biden would not have remembered his first-born son, who died in 2015 Beau date of death. Biden angrily shot down the claim and wondered how his son’s death was connected to the investigation.

Confused information about secret papers

The documents in Biden’s possession began to be investigated after a large amount of secret material was found in Donald Trump’s Florida apartment. Trump had denied the existence of the documents and also tried to prevent the authorities from seeking them.

The allegations against Biden began in 2022. At that time, investigators found out that Biden had mentioned to the author who prepared his biography in 2017 that he had “just found” classified documents in his warehouse.

The papers were from his term as vice president, which lasted from January 2009 to January 2017. The papers were at Biden’s Virginia residence, and Biden was not holding any government office at the time.

Biden could not explain how the documents were found in 2022 in his Delaware apartment. Probably his assistants had moved them there during the move.

Special investigator Hur himself stated that the eight words caught on the biographer’s recording, in which Biden mentions the documents, are not enough evidence of the deliberate concealment of the documents.

Biden is mixing up names

In recent days, Joe Biden has mixed up the names of the heads of state of different countries several times. This has fueled suspicions that his memory is failing.

On Wednesday, Biden gave a speech at a fundraiser and told the story of the G7 meeting in 2021. He told the German chancellor Helmut Kohl having asked him a question. In reality, the chancellor who spoke to Biden was Angela Merkel. Chancellor Kohl died in 2017.

Yesterday Thursday, Biden said the president of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to be the president of Mexico.

On Sunday, Biden remembered that the French president was François Mitterrandand no Emmanuel Macron.

There will also be setbacks for Biden’s rival Donald Trump. For example, he has confused his Republican opponent Nikki Haley’s to the former speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrats to Nancy Pelosi.

Sources: Reuters, AP