Spanish first name for boy: rare, old, ending with O

Spanish first name for boy rare old ending with O

Are you expecting a baby boy and would you like to give him a name that evokes Spain? Here is our top of the most beautiful Iberian male first names!

Fancy a spanish boy names ? In the list of male first names, many refer to the‘Spain. The country’s history, its cinematography, its literary culture… We are often brought back to Iberian inspirations for naming a baby boy. If you want to name your baby with a masculine spanish first name, just follow this guide.

The top 30 Spanish names for boys

What are some rare Spanish boy names?

To assign a rare first name for her little boy, inspired by Spain, you have to think outside the box. For example, using hijacked celebrity names: Dalí can thus be used as a first name, as Icaso, in reference to Picasso. Another rare first name is Lonso, which can also be written Lonzowhich means “noble, lively”. Salva or even Cisco are rare first names of Spanish origin, as corto which means “short”. Also rare, the Teyo namewhich can be diverted in the form Tejo, or even tello.

Ideas for original Iberian first names for little boys

If the Spanish classics are numerous, there is of course also a whole library of names for original boys. This is the case of Elio, which refers to the sun. But also of Guido, Gonzalo, Venicio, Valentino, Bautista. To continue on the original track to name a boy, we can go to the Spanish first names: Nahuel, Facundo, or even Allandewhich are not common first names.

Which male Spanish first names are old?

Just dive into Spanish history and culture to find the most beautiful old Iberian first names for a little boy to be born. For example, Hernan, which refers to Hernan Cortès, leader of the worldwide expedition group the Conquistadores. Of course, we also think of Averroes, Latinized first name of Ibn Rochd who was the supreme judge of Seville. There is also miguel, for Cervantes who was a poet, novelist and playwright. First name Francisco evokes Francisco Goya, who is a famous painter who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries. Saviorwhich means “savior”, is a staple of old spanish first names : who does not know the Catalan Dali, who left his architectural and artistic mark all over Spain? Trajan is another Spanish classic, named after an emperor. Finally, let us note pablofor Picasso, the famous author of Guernica, of Spanish origin.

What are the Spanish gypsy boy names?

Spain is steeped in gypsy history and has many references to gypsy culture on its list of must-have names. In fact, if you are looking for a gypsy first name to give to a boy, you can opt for pacoor Peter. But Nanosh, Manolo, Diego (gypsy form of Jacques), or even Jason are classics. First name Juanthe equivalent of Jean in French, is also part of this library of first names from gypsy culture. Kenji, Miguel, Livio, or even Louka are other options in this registry.

Iberian first names for boys by letter:

Starting with M

There are many Spanish names that begin with an M. We are of course thinking of Manolo, Milagro, Maximiano, Maureo, Matro, Mathais, Mathis, Montes, Montrel, Montego, Moises, Melchor, Maximo, Maximiliano.

Starting with A

Would you like a Spanish first name in A for your baby boy? In the Spanish language, we find Abra, Simon, Alano, Alarico, Alexandro, Amadeo, Alonso, Agustion, Adan, Abejundio, Andres, Apolinar, Arcelio.


In the first names in T to name a child with Spanish influences, we can select Tauro, Tercero, Timo, Tulio, Tohias, Tadeo, Tajo, Tabor, Teyo, Tomas.

Spanish boy names ending in O

If you like first names ending with the letter O, we suggest the following male first names of Spanish origin: Corto, Diego, Elio, Emilio, Fernando, Hugo, Julio, Léandro, Lorenzo, Mario, Matéo, Pablo, Paco , Ricardo, Sergio.