Spakenburg does not feel a chance against FC Groningen: “But I would not put the farm on it”

Spakenburg does not feel a chance against FC Groningen But

But, it’s also cup. In England, Aston Villa, from the Premier League, lost 2-1 at home this week against Stevenage, who played three divisions lower. “I immediately signed up for that scenario,” says De Graaf. “And we also have a plan for that. We try to implement that as best as possible.” The Spakenburg trainer does not explain in detail what that plan is. “But we rely on our own strength. It’s not that I don’t believe in it. But you also have to be realistic, it will be very tough out in the Euroborg. I wouldn’t put the farm on it if I could give advice .” De Graaf does say that, just like in previous cup matches, second goalkeeper Dion Vlak takes the place of Alessandro Damen, who is the regular goalkeeper in the competition.