Spain – Costa Rica: La Roja atomizes Los Ticos, the summary of the match

Spain Costa Rica La Roja atomizes Los Ticos the

SPAIN – COSTA RICA. Spain stuck a huge correction in Costa Rica (7-0) this Wednesday, November 23 on the occasion of the first day of Group E of the 2022 World Cup.

19:15 – The summary of the match

Spain starts its 2022 World Cup perfectly by sticking a monumental correction in Costa Rica (7-0). Luis Enrique’s men outclassed the Costa Ricans from the start of the game by creating chances early in the game. It didn’t take long to see Keylor Navas cheated on for the first time. Gavi finds Dani Olmo from a ladle in the penalty area. The RB Leipzig striker made a brilliant check to get in the direction of the goal and chained with a small ball stung above the Parisian goalkeeper from Costa Rica (11th). Ten minutes later, Asensio will conclude a well-constructed action from La Roja where Busquets finds Alba in his lane, the Barça side finds the Real Madrid striker at the entrance to the area and takes a volley. Navas is not beyond reproach and bows for the second time (21st). And the ordeal does not stop there in the first period for Navas and his teammates. Mown in the penalty area by Duarte, Jordi Alba collapses and gets a penalty. Ferran Torres is responsible for transforming it without shaking (31st). The first act will end with this result after a walk from the Spaniards who did not force before the second period. On the other hand, they accelerated when they returned from the locker room and Asensio created an opportunity. Fortunately for Navas, the ball is off target. But it will only be a short respite since less than 10 minutes after this action, Ferran Torres will take advantage of a misunderstanding from the Los Ticos defense to deceive, for the second time of the evening, Keylor Navas (54th) . After a few changes, the Iberians will add a fifth goal through the electric Gavi who takes a cross from the outside of the foot in volley. The post helps the ball to return and deceive Navas (74th). As the end of the match approached, Carlos Soler decided to add a sixth goal to the already very unblocked counter of the Spaniards (90th). The ordeal of the Costa Ricans will not stop immediately because Alvaro Morata will take advantage of eight more minutes in this meeting to add a seventh goal (90th + 3). Fortunately for Costa Rica, the meeting ended up stopping. Los Ticos will now have to focus on the rest and the match against Japan this Sunday at 11 a.m. For La Roja, Germany will be on the way for Luis Enrique’s men the same day at 8 p.m.

19:03 – Gavi in ​​history

Thanks to his achievement in this Spain – Costa Rica, Gavi became the youngest Spanish player to score a goal in the final phase of a World Cup from the top of his 18 years and 110 days. He is also the second youngest player to achieve this feat after Pelé who scored against Sweden at the 1958 World Cup at 17 years and 249 days.

18:58 – Costa Ricans corrected in Al-Thumama (7-0)

Spain therefore won (7-0) and this success is well deserved in view of the figures. With 84% possession of the ball, against 16% for Costa Rica, and 8 shots on target (0 for Costa Rica), Spain indeed demonstrated its superiority in several areas of play during the game.

18:54 – The ordeal of Costa Rica

This Spain – Costa Rica is difficult to watch for the Costa Ricans who seem permeable with each Spanish breakthrough. It is time, for them, that the meeting stops.

18:52 – Alvaro Morata scores another goal for Spain (7-0)!

90ᵉ. The score goes to 7-0 in this Spain – Costa Rica! Alvaro Morata shines in the 90th minute of play of this 2nd half and aggravates the situation for the Costa Ricans a little more!

18:50 – Eight minutes of additional time!

After this Soler goal, the fourth referee indicates the additional time of this Spain – Costa Rica and it will be eight minutes. The ordeal of Los Ticos does not stop yet.

18:49 – Carlos Soler scores another goal for Spain (6-0)!

90ᵉ. Here we are at 6-0 in this Spain – Costa Rica! Carlos Soler shakes the nets in the 90th minute of play of this 2nd half and aggravates the situation of the Costa Ricans a little more!

18:44 – Quiet end to the game

This end of Spain – Costa Rica goes by quietly. La Roja are managing their advantage as Los Ticos have already given up.

18:40 – Morata was offside

Navas’ parry will not count in the stats. While the Parisian goalkeeper had won in front of Morata, the assistant referee raised his flag to signal an offside position.

18:38 – It’s heating up in the surface

The tone rises in this Spain – Costa Rica. After an aerial duel in the Spanish area between Waston and Laporte, the tone rises between the two men. Gavi also gets involved but the referee calms the heat.

18:35 – A new jewel of Spain

La Roja continues its recital in this Spain – Costa Rica and the resumption of the outside of the foot of Gavi adds to the technical marvels reserved by the men of Luis Enrique since the start of the match.

18:34 – Gavi scores another goal for Spain (5-0)!

75ᵉ. The score is 5-0 in this Spain – Costa Rica! Gavi shines in the 75th minute of play of this 2nd half and adds a point to the Spaniards’ counter!

18:33 – Ruiz’s beautiful number

The legendary Costa Rican player stands out in this meeting. Bryan Ruiz eliminates Gavi with a nice gesture and launches Campbell but the former Gunner is offside.

18:32 – Aguilera comes into play

New change for Los Ticos in this Spain – Costa Rica. Aguilera comes into play in place of Borges.

18:30 – Costa Rica still hasn’t shot

As we entered the last 20 minutes of this Spain – Costa Rica, this statistic could hurt the Costa Ricans very badly. They still haven’t fired a single shot.

18:29 – Another goalscorer comes out

After the exit of Ferran Torres, it is Marco Asensio who gives up his place in this Spain – Costa Rica. The Real Madrid striker is replaced by Nico Williams.

18:27 – Yellow for Calvo

It was orange this card for Francisco Calvo who came to cut Carlos Soler. The middle of PSG got up in this Spain – Costa Rica.

18:25 – Gavi’s sombrero

Gavi makes a superb gesture in this Spain – Costa Rica. The midfielder of FC Barcelona allows himself a magnificent sombrero on an opponent.

18:22 – The ball of changes continues

Luis Enrique makes two new changes in this Spain – Costa Rica with the entries of Baldé and Koke. Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets are the two outgoing.

18:20 – Double change for Costa Rica

The turn of the Costa Rican coach to make two changes in this Spain – Costa Rica. Contreras and Bennette give way to Zamora and Ruiz.

18:16 – The first changes of La Roja

Luis Enrique makes a first change in this Spain – Costa Rica. Pedri and Ferran Torres are replaced by Soler and Morata.

18:15 – The Costa Rican defense sinks

On the double of Ferran Torres, the defense of Costa Rica misses completely and does not understand leaving room for the striker of FC Barcelona. The nightmare continues for Los Ticos in this Spain v Costa Rica.

18:14 – New goal at Al-Thumama Stadium (4-0)!

54ᵉ. The Spaniards move the score to 4-0 at Al-Thumama Stadium, as we play the 54th minute in this Spain – Costa Rica.

18:11 – Good speech from Fuller

Keysher Fuller comes back well and beats Dani Olmo who was in position to score a double in this Spain – Costa Rica.

18:07 – Already an opportunity for Spain

After a breakthrough from Azpilicueta, the former Marseille defender finds Asensio on the edge of the box. The Real striker strikes but removes his strike a little too much. The Spaniards leave with the same ambitions in this second act of this Spain – Costa Rica.