SpaceX Starship 2 and Starship 3 rockets are already on the table

SpaceX Starship 2 and Starship 3 rockets are already on

The world’s most powerful rocket (39 different Raptor engines come together in total) SpaceX Starship, in place won’t count.

As reported in a presentation by Elon Musk, larger aircraft will be produced with more powerful Raptor engines in the coming years. Starship 2 And Starship 3 Rocket models will also be put into use. The company, which has not yet been able to fully commercialize the current Starship, is already larger than the plans put on the table. Starship 2 It is thought to be 150 meters long and to carry at least 100 tons of payload to low earth orbit. Starship 3 It aims to exceed 200 tons with the rocket. Meanwhile, Elon Musk once again states that he wants to plant the seeds of a civilization on Mars, as humanity’s first step towards becoming a multi-planet species. The famous billionaire believes that Mars will need a population of approximately 1 million people to achieve this, and we need very powerful rockets such as Starship 3 to meet the needs of these people.


Statement made by Elon Musk last week According to reports, the fourth SpaceX Starship test may be held in May. This is not 100 percent certain yet because there may be last minute postponements, but it is currently targeted directly for next month. Third SpaceX Starship takeoff attempt It has been a significant success for the company, unlike other attempts.almost all of the goals were easily achieved and different experiments were carried out.

Someone shared about this Elon Musk,Starship is the largest flying object ever built, weighing approximately 5,000 tons.” he said. The main thrust for those who missed it Super Heavy Booster and in front of Starship First full takeoff attempt for April 20, 2023 It was carried out on. A beautiful take-off was made with the most powerful rocket ever made, but then the process did not go as desired and a huge explosion occurred at an altitude of 38 km. happened. The company had been preparing for its second take-off attempt for a long time. US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) asked the company for 63 different notices before the second take-off. “corrective action” He had requested.

The FAA wanted these because serious damage occurred after the first take-off and there were risks of some bad outcomes. The FAA requested design upgrades to prevent leaks and fires, a redesigned launch pad, and numerous other fixes from the company. It was announced that takeoff would not be allowed unless these were met. has been working in collaboration with the FAA for months. SpaceXfulfilled all the requests without any problems and thus officially carried out its second take-off in the past months.

However, the second takeoff did not go exactly as planned. A few minutes after a smooth launch and planned first stage separation superheavy Exploded (this moment in the video here you can watch), this did not prevent Starship from continuing on its way. Starship, which goes much higher than the first version (148 km specifically), Then it exploded like a Super Heavy and disappeared. No one was harmed or any environmental damage occurred due to these two explosions.