SpaceX Starlink reached up to 2.7 million users

SpaceX Starlink reached up to 27 million users

SpaceX Starlink service, which provides internet from space, reached up to 2.7 million users. 500 thousand new users in the last four months came.

Elon Musk’s successful company SpaceX, Starlink offers internet directly from space to many regions/countries with legal permission. The service, which had 2.2 million subscribers in December, currently has It is reported that it has surpassed 2.7 million. The network, which has been continuously expanded with new satellites launched with Falcon 9-based launches, has not been making any losses for a while and continues to reveal great future potential. Some steps were taken at the end of last year to open the Starlink system in Turkey. However, no new official statement has been made on this issue or a clear date has not been given yet. SpaceX Before this, it had come to the fore with the Starlink-based “Direct to Cell” system, which brought internet to phones from space, reaching 17 Mb/s. CEO Elon Musk made by to explain According to the report, 17 Mb/s speed was achieved with a smartphone model signed by Samsung without any hardware changes. of this speed It is announced that it is the highest speed ever achievedthe system really reveals great potential.


If you missed it, the most important development in the past year regarding Starlink, which can provide high-speed internet from space, is Joint event by T-Mobile and SpaceX and there were important announcements made at the event. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert and CEO of SpaceX elon Muskespecially in the event we mentioned “satellite to cellular” It made a splash with its infrastructure.

SpaceX’s new generation satellites, with the special equipment they carry, Capable of providing satellite internet directly to smartphones, eliminating dead zones around the world. This infrastructure will be combined with T-Mobile’s 5G network in the USA, thus providing coverage to almost every place in the country. this system The one who brought it up before here It became the official site. “Direct to CellThe company accelerated its efforts to put the system called ” into use. opened It was announced on the site that the infrastructure would be activated in 2024.