SpaceX, FAA: no rocket in orbit if it does not complete 63 corrective actions

SpaceX FAA no rocket in orbit if it does not

(Finance) – SpaceXthe aerospace company of Elon Muskit will not fly again if it does not complete 63 corrective actions to its rockets. This was decreed by the US aeronautical sector supervisory authority, the FAA – Federal Aviation Administrationafter the flop of the last launch, which exploded in the air 4 minutes before the start on April 23rd.

The FAA has made it clear that I’ll give you the green light to a new test only if SpaceX makes the changes requests, which concern the hardware, the robustness of the launch pad and a series of safety procedures. License that does not it does not arise automatically from the conclusion of the investigation relating to the last flight.

The clarification comes after the recent ones statements from his patronwho in recent days had announced on X that “Starship is ready to launch pending licensing from the FAA.”

And just today, in response to what was communicated by the FAA, the company SpaceX clarified that the Starship improvement and update system is based on recursion and therefore he will only be able to improve by continuing to launch and performing other tests.